I want all the kids to sleep good

My children are very active. I don’t know where their energy comes from. We make certain they don’t get any sugar after dinner and we let them be as active as they like to be during the day. They never seem to get tired, though. We get tired trying to keep up with them. Bedtime has been an issue almost their entire lives. We put them to bed early and in the midst of the night we hear bumping and scuffing with the bedrooms above us. When we be sure that them they are always awake and doing something in their rooms besides sleeping. I don’t remember how we invented it, but we put air conditioners for their rooms. I think our plan was to have the rooms get cold enough that they chose to stay in bed and keep warm underneath the covers. We didn’t tell them of the plans with the air conditioners. The first few nights we still heard moving around upstairs but it was slightly muffled by the air conditioning. The kids were getting to sleep earlier and earlier every evening and they were actually staying asleep. The only thing of which had changed was the addition of air conditioners. It was long shot, installing the air conditioners, but we were so happy that it really worked. Now our children get the rest they needed inside of their air conditioned rooms and we are also able to arrive at sleep better, knowing that our little ones were asleep and safe. We even put an air conditioner in our room and found the same results.hvac-parts

Make sure you understand space travel

I enjoy thinking about the future as I’m sure countless others do as well. I actually watch Sci Fi movies, read stories and play games that are set in the future. The future in these stories is always describing space travel and connection with other species and realms. I love to dream but when you are affected by the reality and practicality today, it just seems silly. A lot of other worlds would have many environments that its people would probably live in. I’m sure there may be people who live on planets that could kill us temperature-wise. I like to think other species would have HVAC setups similar to what the people of Earth do, but it still wouldn’t matter while they would be used to their climates and that is exactly what they would all thrive in. If space travel was a product, we would probably be stuck in your spacesuits the entire time to hold us from dying from lack of air conditioning or an absence of heat. Not to mention whatever would be in the air of those other planets. Our suits would have to be equipped with HVAC accessories to either heat us up or cool us down. Oxygen tanks might be a must or perhaps there would be some type of air conversion unit and air purification built into the suits that would convert whatever gasses of other planets were out there into oxygen we could breathe. As great as this future looks, it just sounds impossible. Being stuck inside a suit or a ship that suits my HVAC preferences just doesn’t sound like a good time.climate-control-system

I do want a portable HVAC system

Music is a large part of my life and there are even some bands that I have been listening to for years. I listen to them often because they offer me inspiration to live through life and to cope with everything that I have happening in life. It is so great to pop in some music dependent on whatever my mood is and have it soothe and comfort me. Music touches my soul and I’m so thankful that it is a part of my everyday life. My wife and I recently decided to see a concert of one of our favorite bands. It was a huge outdoor concert and we were sitting on this big lawn with countless people there. Summer had just began and it was getting hot. The only toilets that they had for people to use were some portable ones they had lined up on one side. The lines were long and lots of people were using them. Of course I could really not hold it and had to go as well and finally went into one of them. It was not the best since they’re quite small and there is virtually no HVAC system there. There is nothing inside of them to filter out all the bad air that is in them and that is from so many different people using them. It was hot and sticky and humid inside them as well. I tried to get out as quickly as I could. Not having a filter and an air conditioner there to cool me down was not a pleasant experience at all, but thankfully the concert was an amazing time.

HVAC unit 

I wish my apartment was nicer

When I moved across the United States for a career change, I was desperate for a place to live in. I had been given little warning before the move, and I was starting my new job in the middle of the month. It was difficult to acquire an apartment that would let me move in immediately. Then suddenly I found something in a newspaper ad and contacted the owner. Talking briefly to the guy on the phone I desperately took the place and found out that my roommate’s name was Herbert who sounded absolutely wonderful over the phone. He said the apartment had the all the essential amenities, and had recently already been updated, and was very spacious. When I finally met Herbert, I realized that he had very different standards when it came to a clean house compared to myself. In my opinion, the apartment was cramped, rundown, and a complete mess. The water smelled like rotten eggs and the pipes rattled often. The lights dimmed every time the microwave ran, and the majority of the electrical outlets sparked whenever we would plug something in. In the winter months, the furnace either blasted non stop or shut off completely. Because of this, the apartment was whether sweltering between eighty-five degrees or a good chilly fifty degrees. In the summertime, the air conditioner made the entire apartment smelled like a big fish tank, and we had to catch the leaking condensate with a bucket. It was a relief that rent was cheap, and that the HVAC system didn’t cost much to run. I also discovered that Herbert was very handy, and we never required a repairman. When the air conditioner suddenly quit on Fourth of July weekend, Herbert had it fixed along with the stink that had been plaguing the complex. When the furnace started a horrible grinding noise on Christmas time Eve, Herbert got out his tools and resolved the problem.

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I do really enjoy this heat pump

For the first two years after college, I was unable to get a job in my field. I was stuck with a ton of student loans and no way to pay for them. I ended up working hard multiple jobs, and none of them paid well. I moved into a cramped, rundown apartment, because of cheap rent. The residence had walls as thin as tissue paper, corroded plumbing, and extremely ancient electrical wiring. I couldn’t even run the microwave while watching television because it would blow the fuse. The absolute worst feature of the horrible little apartment, however, was the horrid heating and cooling system. My temperature control was handled by the ductless mini split system that was probably twenty years old in addition to absolutely falling apart. When the heat pump started up, it rattled so violently that we always expected it tear right out of the wall. In cooling mode, it leaked water all over the place, smelled like old cheese, and supplied very little air, if any. In heating mode, the heating pump worked fairly well, but could only handle outside temperatures of thirty degrees. Once the environment dipped below freezing, that little heat pump was virtually worthless. I then had to rely on the intervention of a bunch of space heaters. I spent so much of my hard earned money on my energy bills trying to heat and cool that system that I probably would have been better off in a more expensive, nicer apartment. Once I  found an increased paying job in my field, I couldn’t wait to get free from that apartment and move onto a better place.

heat pump installation 

Whole home heating and cooling

I have a temperature controlled apartment. There are benefits and disadvantages of this arrangement. I certainly enjoy having a modern HVAC system which gives both heating and cooling capacity. It is mostly a forced air system which operates from two separate thermostats around my apartment. It is a simple matter of setting the thermostat to my preference, and my apartment is maintained within the perfect temperature year round. The windows in my apartment do not open, which doesn’t allow access to outside oxygen. I sometimes feel that air in my apartment is quite stale and stuffy. When the HVAC system is operating, however, you can find a definite improvement in the indoor quality of air. The heating and cooling equipment circulates the air, drawing the stale air out through vents near the floor, and supplying conditioned air through vents closer to the ceiling. Although the HVAC system filters the oxygen, it is the same oxygen getting recirculated over and over. I would prefer to open a window for better ventilation. I do like the way my apartment is tightly sealed though. There is minimal energy waste and virtually no drafts. I have never come across outside air pollution, such when exhaust fumes, dust, or pollen, and I am never bothered by traffic noises. Although I can see a lot of insects and pests outside the window, I never notice them into the apartment. While I am glad that my apartment is temperatures controlled, I am hoping that this management will eventually add some ventilation to my HVAC system.

air conditioning tune-up 

This climate control does not work how I’d like it to

This past month, I treated my whole family to a night at the movies. Since I have have five children, this can be described as very tiring, exhausting, and costly undertaking. Just trying to look for a movie that will make every age and gender of child happy is just about impossible. Since the candy and drinks at the movie theaters are so pricey, my wife and I filled her purse up with snacks from our house. Additionally, It was the middle of July, so all of the kids were dressed in shorts and T-shirts. We saw no reason to pack winter parkas and blankets to attend a movie during the heat of the summer. The outside temperature was around eighty-nine degrees and also the humidity was ungodly. Inside that theater, however, it was the temperature of a meat locker. The air conditioner ended up blowing steadily, and although we changed seats several times, we could not escape the freezing cold air. My children were all shivering and stressing. Between the sound of my kids whining plus the noise caused by the big air conditioner, we couldn’t even see the movie. The movie was terrible anyway, but since I nearly needed to secure a mortgage on my house to see it, I was hoping that my kids would enjoy themselves. I complained to the guy taking tickets, but he certainly had no access to the thermostat. The air conditioner was to be controlled by someone at corporate. We ended up leaving early, and taking the kids to an arcade instead. I eventually emailed the firm that owns the theater and complained my problems regarding the air conditioning. They sent me free tickets to go freeze to death at another terrible movie.

HVAC installer 

This is a really nice cooling unit

My wife and I recently went out to a very expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant. The place actually had a dress code so I wore suit and tie ensemble. Since I was wearing very delicate and uncomfortable clothing, and as well spending a fortune, I was a little annoyed before we arrived. Additionally, it was also the middle of July so I expected that it might be a bit too warm for my suit and that I would probably need to take my jacket off. I was actually envious of my wife who flaunted in a skimpy sundress. As we came to our table, I realized that the place was actually freezing cold. The central air conditioner was running so we were literally hit with cold air in every direction. I ended up giving my spouse my suit coat, who then covered her bare legs with the linen napkins. My wife never likes to cause problems so she didn’t want me to complain. By the time we got water and bread, I was so annoyed by way of the onslaught of air conditioning that I actually couldn’t help myself. I asked the waiter in a calm manner if the thermostat could be bumped up a little. He promised me it would be taken care of. When our salads arrived, the air conditioning was running at maximum potential. I then recommended to the waiter that he take a good look at the people in the restaurant. Every single customer was shivering, hugging themselves, and trembling miserably. One woman was warming her hands with the candle on her table. The waiter again assured me that something would be done. I swear the idiot turned the thermostat down, since the restaurant seemed to get even cooler.

air conditioning 

These new air ducts are awesome

I’ve never been the cleanest person in the world. My mother used to yell at me on a daily basis for getting grass stains upon my jeans and mud upon my sneakers. When I got to college, I was definitely the messy roommate that everyone resented. I prefered  massive cleanings every month rather than picking up after myself regularly. I would let the sink overflow with dirty dishes and later on take an hour to do all of them. That is just the way I was and grew. As an adult, however, I now live alone in a small house which I adore. I was told by a friend recently that my house smelled musty and that i should have the indoor air quality checked by an HVAC technician. I  took his recommendations and contacted an HVAC company around my area who then sent me a technician that sat down and explained the entire HVAC system inside my home. He also looked at the heater and air conditioner for a slight amount of time. When he was done, he informed me that my units looked excellent, but that my air filters were too dirty and that my ductwork was very likely filled with dust as well. So, we then scheduled another appointment to clean out all the air ducts. Since that time, my property has felt so darn relaxing. The indoor air quality has gotten a lot of better and my friends even noticed the difference. They now enjoy coming into my house for dinner.

air duct cleaning

Getting a discount on my HVAC service

My wife and I tried to have a baby boy at least twice. However, every time my wife gave birth, out came a beautiful daughter. I accepted the fact that I was to be an amazing father to two daughters. Now a few years later, I am going to dance recitals and cheerleading competitions almost every week. While I love to see my girls happy, I must admit that I am miserable at the majority of these events. I often wish that I was at a little league baseball game watching my son or something like that. However, these feminine events have turned into something a tad bit more enjoyable since I met a few of the other fathers. Many of them share the similar thoughts as me. I even met this guy who is an HVAC technician. I never would have guessed that knowing a person who works for the local heating and cooling company would be so great. My heater started make few loud noises one time and I had no idea what the problem was. It was late at night and I wasn’t sure exactly who to call. Then I remembered my new friend was an expert HVAC technician. He was capable to come right over and perform heater repair for my family unit. He didn’t charge me a dime either which was excellent of him. I may need to find a way to help him in the future. He is a great guy and I feel bad that my family took advantage of his expertise.

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