Construction job indoors with a/c was amazing

I also had access to a water fountain plus a bathroom.

Construction workers have it the worst. My friends and I task in the hottest of days plus for the longest amount of time. I either am up high in the air with no shade plus ac, or I am on sizzling blacktop. Working outside in the deep south is constantly a warm & humid time. Last week, our construction plan was a different one. The task was fully inside & all I had to do was help with the finishing gloss on the walls in a modern office building. The best part of it all was that there was a high powered cooling system component running in the office building that kept the locale a frigid 69 degrees all afternoon long. I later gathered that the owner of the office building wanted to keep the cooling system running at a high level even when they weren’t at the site. This was because of all the laptops that was kept on. The laptops, monitors plus other machines could overheat separate from any a/c. I found giving A/C to a computer weird, but it was so nice for me! I had become so used to being outside in the sun, the A/C almost felt cold. It was so great to not sweat to death plus need to wear lots of layers for skin protection. I also had access to a water fountain plus a bathroom. It was like working in a sultan’s palace. All the boys took their sweet time plus did a great job. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave the office building.
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Construction job needs to have a/c

It has been a real hot summer this year.

  • In fact, it has been so hot I feel like my face is going to stay pink forever.

I have been doing construction full time for the past year now. When I get home, I am sleepy & covered in sweat. All I want to do is rest down next to the cooling system unit. After a solid week of doing the same thing each day, I decided to make a change. I took a day off of work. On my day off I slept a bunch, watched Vikings, & soaked up all of the cooling that I could. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend & my friend at work, I never would have returned back to the construction job. Those two can be entirely persuasive. It was nice to take a small break though. Working outdoors with no cooling gets to a person after a while. I needed to be by our A/C device in order to feel better plus get back in gear. After soaking up the A/C for the day, I was feeling a little better with going back outside once more. It was like all my muscles were able to recharge plus finally able to cool down. I was able to go around easier plus build that much faster. I think that our job either needs to have A/C component on the task site, or the crew of us don’t work as long of hours. I just can’t stay in the heat, light plus humidity that long without seeing some drastic concerns, but even one afternoon off made a difference.


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Trying my hand at HVAC repair

After I retired I made the decision to learn something new each afternoon.

It doesn’t entirely matter what the thought is or how complicated it is, I simply need to gather more comprehension on a topic.

At the end of the afternoon if I find myself interested in that topic, I will continue down that road for the next week. If not, I simply move on to something else. One thing that I have picked up is that I love Heating and Air Conditioning repair. I find Heating and Air Conditioning so interesting. My oldest child works for a heating & cooling contractor in town plus he loves his task. I have never been the kind of person who can service things on their own. But, I have a lot of time now that I am done with work. I have taken the time to entirely concentrate plus learn how to take apart Heating and Air Conditioning machines. I have read the directions, watched DIY videos plus chatted with my child about various Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. After all of this, I decided to give it a shot for the first time. One afternoon, I had my child come over to see me service heating & cooling equipment. I had some ideas on what to do, but I wanted my child there in case I messed up. The process of diagnosing & being able to service a home heating & cooling component like mine was much harder & took longer than I would have ever thought. I enjoyed the process of reading all about a modern piece of machinery though. I was able to get the heating & cooling device now working again all by myself.


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Getting hurt and staying home was awful

I am so happy to be back to work

I got really hurt at my job not that long ago. There was a crazy accident that could have happened to any one of us. It happened at the tail end of the afternoon. I got hurt by not having my pants tucked in properly. I had suffered an ankle injury that has laid myself up for around 2 weeks now. I have constantly been the type of person who prefers to be more on the stressed side too. So having so much time off is upsetting to me, not relaxing. So with all of the free time, I watched a lot of Sons of Anarchy. After I finished the seasons, I won’t watch TV again. I went to trying otu movies, knitting, playing on my phone and even trying painting for the first time in my life. Then I started to try my hand at reading. I started reading about HVAC. I wanted to keep up with the mental aspect of the job since I wasn’t able to physically task on our craft. Now that the time has finally gone by & our ankle is feeling nearly 100%, I have finally been able to return to task as a Heating & cooling system repairman! Going into the shop & seeing all of our coworkers so happy to see myself and others again, is one of the best feelings. I am so happy to be back to work. I am even more happy to help service & install heating & cooling units to help improve the lives of families all over the city. I will be more careful on the job site now plus not hurt myself again.

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Sub shop had the best a/c and is the quietest place

When going to school, you need to find a good location to do projects! It is not easy because there are so many distractions that come with sitting around hundreds of young people.

  • It is harder than you can believe to find a location on campus where you can really focus.

Back when I was in private school, finding a quiet location to learn was the least of our concerns! Times change fast as a child. Most of our friends believe that the local bars nearby campus are nice spots to do projects. In my opinion those bars are just excuses to hang out & drink booze with friends. They are there to chat plus enjoy the free cooling system for as long as possible. I appreciate making fun of the booze and bar people plus the free cooling system. But, I will admit it is an alright atmosphere to study. I have found that the best locale to do projects is at the local sub shop on campus. This might seem seem like a weird thing to say, but kids around here don’t use the campus sub shop. I appreciate the sub shop for many reasons. They have wonderful AC, great seats, wonderful food plus the Wi-Fi is charming. The silence might be the best reason to be in a sub shop. I have started going there to read & do work on all of our projects. I have seen an increase in my own productivity & my grades are turning out to be decent. I just needed the right temperature control program plus a wonderful spot to hear my own thoughts.


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The a/c costs a lot to operate

After sitting down and weighing our options, Jerry and I thought it was best to leave the use of the air conditioner until we found some jobs and could afford the bill

I packed up with my boyfriend Jerry and moved out of the neighborhood a few weeks ago. Jerry and I were blown away by all of the small and big changes in our new home. To start, while living in the town you do not have access to much unless you’re a millionaire. Rather than having a giant plot of land like most people, we have a tiny, rustic studio apartment. There was one thing that caught our interest though. The AC installed in the apartment. My partner and I had never had any access to air cooling unless we went to the grocery store and with the newfound freedom of being able to crank the cooling system as low as we wanted, it was great. My boyfriend Jerry and I wanted to keep it cold all the time. However, it is high-priced in weekly energy bills doing that. The air conditioner device Jerry and I had at the time sure was powerful, but it wasn’t that effective, even on its best afternoon. After sitting down and weighing our options, Jerry and I thought it was best to leave the use of the air conditioner until we found some jobs and could afford the bill. It was easier for us to change back to no cooling system use than it would be for most people. However, Jerry and I were looking forward to being able to have some cooling in our lake house sooner rather than later. It was worth it to feel that great a/c equipment.


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Bought a house with bad heating in it

I purchased our house around one year ago to this day.

Both my mom and dad thought my girlfriend and I were insane.

My parents were so against us buying our new house that they even tried to bribe me with tickets and helping us hire an expert to find a different home! Despite what everyone was telling us, my girlfriend and I ignored all of the advice and ended up going through with the sale rather fast. Her and I have now been living in our lake house for a few weeks. There is no doubt in either of our brains that we might have rushed into this decision a bit too fast! One of the things that we were not able to recognize at the time was how poorly the lake house was heated. The only heating element in our giant house was a small gas furnace set up in the living room. Even with that heating system on the highest possible setting, my girlfriend and I were only able to enjoy the heating in one room. It was not warm enough to feel comfortable in, on a cold afternoon. I honestly have no clue how the previous renters were able to live here for so long. After several weeks of being forced to rely on thick wool blankets, the two of us finally decided to make the adult decision and invest in a brand new furnace. Now that we have our new oil furnace to keep us warm, it is much less annoying to be in the winter season.



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Showing I am the best HVAC expert

This is to make sure that the boys and ladies who work alongside me don’t think that I got this job simply because my father is the manager

When I was in private school, my friends and professors would ask me what I was going to do after I graduated. I always told them the exact same thing. I was going to leave school and work for my dad at his Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation. Since I was 14 I wanted to do what my dad did. That feeling never altered as I grew up. This response to their question always came with diverse reviews, most of them on the negative and shaky side. For five years now I have worked with my dad. For the most part I can easily say that it has been great, but don’t get me wrong, he tends to get on my case if I mess up quicker than a normal boss should in my opinion. Although I am also able to come to him when I am looking for advice or have a drastic concern to talk about so much quicker than I am with anyone in the world. Along with having a solid teacher, having my father as my boss has pushed me to be the best Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance guy that I can possibly be. This is to make sure that the boys and ladies who work alongside me don’t think that I got this job simply because my father is the manager. I want them to realize that I genuinely have the skills and ethic it takes to be an elite Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairman. It’s not always a fun time down at the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C store.

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Son will end up as a better HVAC contractor

Ever since my baby was in the sixth grade he has told me that he wanted to follow in my footsteps and become a certified Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairman. Back when he was just a boy, my girlfriend and I weren’t sure how to handle our son’s idea to follow in my footsteps. He was so young and hadn’t been able to experience other occupations before or even learn about them in class! As the years began to pass by and we started to see how naturally skilled our baby boy was when it came to Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance, we knew that this profession was going to be the one he would be best at. If I was to be fair with you, I think that he has a real shot at being better at this line of job than I ever was. I won’t tell him that or else it might go to his ego. Now that my baby boy is out of private school he has finally finished up his training in order to become a licensed Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairman! I still get phone calls and texts from him nearly every other afternoon with questions about a few Heating, Ventilation, and A/C topics. In all honesty, I think that in a few more years he will know more and be more skilled when it comes to that industry than I ever was in my 30+ years as an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairman.


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The heated flooring install turned out okay

Over the last couple of months, my house has been under construction.

A couple of weeks ago, the bulk of the hustle and bustle around the house was in the living room area.

I hired a close friend of mine who took an offer to fix up our living room for a satisfactory price… Now that my associate has finished his task, after a solid week of construction and hard work, the next thing I am going to get is to have radiant flooring installed in the living room. This was a much more strenuous job to manage. The number one reason I want to have brand new radiant flooring installed in the first location wasn’t because I had any problems with our oil furnace or anything like that, I just simply had my mind on them for a long time. I knew that they were more energy efficient! Like the majority of us know, radiant floors are almost never on the cheap side. After emailing several Heating, Ventilation, and A/C heating and cooling companies, I was able to find a single company that told me they would be able to do it for half the price that competitors were telling us. I ended up taking the risk and hired them despite knowing it might end up going south for us, but to our shock the installation process was easy and the radiant floors have been more than the people I was with and I could have even wished for. I think it is safe to say that I have found a new location to study and relax at last!

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