Traveling & Air Conditioning Issues

I love to travel. I have been traveling since I was 18 years old out of high school. It started out with one European vacation and I was hooked. You couldn’t keep me off an airplane or in a car road tripping the country for the most part of a year. There are positives and negatives to travel no doubt. There is no way to please every single person at any given moment. So I was always prepared to go with the flow and be forgiving when things didn’t match up to how they were promised or within my own comfort level. When you had the luxury of traveling alone it was often easier to stay either warm with a great hotel heating unit or as cool as you wanted with an air conditioning system that was in your own hands. Airplanes were always an issue for the air conditioning and heating system is really just processed air. I hate to even think how often they don’t change the air filters in the their HVAC systems which often causes for travel sickness. I know many people with asthma that just can’t do processed air at all for the reason of dirty filters and constant breathing issues. We when we road trip our car cooling and heating system definitely can be a problem if you are with other people for sure enough someone is either hot or cold and there is no temperature that is going to make everyone happy. That’s why I love traveling alone. That is the same for hotels as well for the thermostat is a constant argument if with people, but when I am alone I love for I like the room ice cold and turn down the HVAC really low and in the winter I love it super hot and then will blast the heating unit as high and warm as I like. I really love traveling alone.

AC maintenance

Air filter lessons

I think that my boyfriend would be the first to admit that he knows next to nothing about heating and cooling. We recently moved in together, and I think that it is rather amusing as well as kind of cute that he is so ignorant when it comes to the HVAC aspect of homeownership. I have owned my own house for a few years now. He had been living in an apartment in the city for the past few years, and of course that sort of thing is very different. In my boyfriend’s case, his landlady had taken care of just about everything when it came to heating and cooling. He did not have to learn about preventative maintenance and inspection with regard to a home’s furnace or air conditioner. When he moved into my house, I wanted him to be able to help take care of the property in the same way I did. I walked around my house and showed him how I take care of my property. I pointed out the various aspects of the heating and cooling system in particular. I also showed him where my air filter was located and how to change the air filter. I was shocked, but not surprised, when my boyfriend told me that he had never had to deal with any sort of air filter replacement before. I relayed to him the importance of changing the air filter. Old, dirty air filters can actually seriously hinder the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of a heating and cooling system. Dirty air filters can also be a source of allergens and other airborne pollutants entering a home. Now that my boyfriend knows how to change an air filter, hopefully he will be able to help pull his weight around here!

HVAC maintenance 

Neighbors Air Conditioning

We were so excited to move into our first rental two story victorian house this past summer. We had been only renting apartments all our life, but now that we were doing financially a bit better with two incomes we were able to get something more comfortable with an actual garden and so many more luxuries like a dishwasher. But, the best new luxury of all was an Air Conditioning and Heating System. All of our apartments either only had central fans, window AC units that worked horribly or nothing at all that worked to cool us down in the least! And now we have an actual modern updated HVAC energy efficient system that will keep us pleasantly cool in the beaming hot summer and cozy warm in the snowy winters. We could see no problems in our near future, until our first night in our new home. The neighbors house next door wasn’t as new, but it wasn’t a bad sight to look at so there were no worries until the day we hear their HVAC system turned on. Oh my goodness! You could tell right away by horrible cranking sounds that they had not had it serviced in ages!  The filters were obviously clogged for the air couldn’t even get through without a loud blasting noise. This was not going to do and we knew we had to have a word with them as soon as possible about their Air Conditioning and Heating System. We were very nice about it and came with HVAC Provider telephone numbers and information for them so that they didn’t feel threatened by us mentioning something to them when they don’t even know us.

air conditioner

We enjoy our radiant flooring and so does our dog

I have always heard that dogs do not get cold in the wintertime because they have such thick fur coats. I wonder how true that is. We have radiant flooring my dog absolutely loves to lay on. She even likes to lay in the sun until she gets really hot. How much could her fur coat be keeping her warm if she enjoys everything that makes her warmer? I even see people put sweaters on their dogs. Why would they create this if it weren’t necessary for dogs? My dogs are certainly very spoiled. We have radiant flooring all winter long. My dog absolutely loves to sleep all winter. I guess she must be part bear or something, because she loves to snuggle and hibernate! Sometimes, the floor is so warm I will even sit on the floor. I do not mind it at all either. I think it is amazing how much heat the radiant flooring can give to your home. I have noticed that my radiant flooring has made my home a lot more comfortable. My furnace even starts up less than it used too. My energy bills are even lower. I am so glad that we have a dog that loves the radiant flooring. We love it just as much too. We get to use it all of the time. It makes us feel better knowing that the radiant flooring is not causing our dog to overheat at any point. Radiant heating sure has helped to change our home!

hydronic heating

Summer service for A/C systems

During the summer months, our local temperatures can easily reach the upper 90’s. It isn’t uncommon for the heat and humidity to start wild fires. Everything is so dry and combustible. We constantly are experiencing troubles with wildfires and lightning strikes. Our state has more lightning strikes that any other place in the entire world. Most of that is due to the excessive heat and humidity in the summer months. Having a properly working A/C system is imperative for your survival and comfort. It would be impossible to live in a house without working A/C. Each and every spring, I make sure that the air conditioner is services and inspected. When the summer temperatures hit, I don’t want to have the A/C system break down. That would leave my family feeling very warm and overheated during the summer. Our local A/C repair company helps to ensure our A/C system will be working all summer long. They begin by inspecting all of the different components, that are located inside and outside of the system. They change our air filters, and make sure that the indoor parts are free of dirt or other debris. They also check the coils, and make sure the system has plenty of refrigerant for the summer season. They check everything in our system, so that we can rest easily knowing we are ready for the exhaustive summer temperatures. I always rest much easier during the summer, because I know that I have done my best to protect my family from the heat of the summer.

heating and A/C 

Preparing for the summer season during the spring

There are many ways that some people prepare for the upcoming warmer weather. I have noticed people outside working. They cut the grass, clean their cars out finally, and even work in their gardens. However, I have never noticed someone changing the air filter in their HVAC system. I do this always every spring time. I can go longer amounts of time without having to change my air filter. This is because my system is much newer and my air filter is longer lasting. I have never even seen someone hire an HVAC professional to do the job for them. Maybe I miss it when it happens. The HVAC air filter and system is all I think about in the spring. Once we start to get that warmer weather, I worry about being able to use the HVAC system for the air conditioning. After the air conditioner has sat there all winter long. I really want to know that it is going to work. It worked at the end of the summer season last year. However, it may have rusted some parts or might even have some trouble starting up. The air ducts could have even collected a lot of dust sitting there all winter. For some reason, the house always seems to be dirtier in the spring after being locked up all winter long. I call my HVAC professionals right away to ensure that they are going to be at my house before the warm weather. I cannot wait to start this summer season and feel the air conditioning all summer long in the house.


Our party had fantastic air conditioning

My husband and I went to a party over the weekend. His boss was throwing a wild gathering for his employees. We spent the entire weekend in the country. The weather was wonderful and the views from the hilltops were breathtaking. Each of us were assigned to a specific cabin on the grounds. They were more like tiny houses, but they were suitable enough for us. Each couple that had arrived to the party, was assigned their very own cabin. It was a work weekend retreat, but we also had our own privacy.  Each cabin was equipped with a small bathroom and shower combo, queen sized bed, and small dinette table with chairs. It was quite charming and cozy for a weekend. The cabin also had it’s own HVAC system. That was particularly nice, because the indoor gatherings were quite cold. Even though the weather outside was cool and brisk, the main areas were still air conditioned. We had the A/C set in the cabin, but it was only to keep the air from becoming stale and humid. I think the thermostat in our meeting areas, was set to 65 degrees. It felt very cool, and wasn’t much fun at all. I was happy to come back to our own private cabin, because we had the temperature set much more moderately. The weekend turned out to be a nice time for my husband and I, but I was thrilled to be back home in my own bed. I was even more delighted, to be back in the temperature controlled climate of my house.

indoor comfort 

We’re all loving this modern school

When I was going to school many years ago in a small rural town up north, things were very different than they are now for my kids. This has become more and more apparent to me over the last couple of years. Every time they talk about their daily experiences at school, something new is brought to my attention. Whether it is something revolving around the super abundant computer useage or even just the school lunches. Everything seems to be changing in leaps and bounds. Even when it comes to the dress code (or complete absence thereof), I find myself scratching my head. The most stunning difference, however, came to my attention at the last open house event. I noticed that the climate control in this school was pretty unbelievable. I wonder how they could fund such an HVAC system if they were constantly cutting things like art and music. When I was little, the only climate control in school was a loud and smelly, not to mention, ancient furnace. I always imagined that our school must have had a massive boiler room just for this HVAC monstrosity. Maybe something like you see in movies about big ships of the 20th Century. Air conditioning, however, was certainly not a thing. On hot days, the teachers would just open a window. HVAC technology was admittedly less advanced back then, but just going by the rather basic climate control system we have at home, I know these advances have not made heating and cooling equipment any more affordable. I keep it to myself, though, because I don’t want my HVAC complaints to make me sound like a bitter old fart.

energy saving tips 

That was an easy fix

Whenever I go visit my parents, I always find myself having to help them with some kind of project. I wonder sometimes if they plan their projects according to when I come by, but either way, I usually end up getting roped in. It is not the case that I do not want to help them, but if I am at their place, it is because I have a day off from work. I always want to relax during that time. Unfortunately, I usually end up helping lug something around or crawling underneath the kitchen sink attempting to tighten some kind of giant bolt that only I can reach. Last time I came over, it was supposed to just be dinner; but the HVAC system at their house had started acting up a week earlier, so they wanted me to do some climate control trouble shooting. Why me? I have no experience in the field, but I guess they assume heating and cooling is something I am well versed in because I work on cars for a living. An HVAC system in a house is a lot more complex though than the kind of climate control you typically find in a car. The cabin of your average sedan requires much less HVAC power to regulate temperature than a full size house. Regardless, I took a look at their heating and cooling equipment to see if I could figure it out. Since it was not isolated to the furnace or the air conditioner, but rather affected both, I figured it had to be the thermostat. Luckily, I was right! It was easy to replace and an easy fix!

air conditioning 

Coming back to a broken heater

Last Friday night, I went out to the clubs in the city with a group of friends.  There was live music and we danced, drank Bloody Mary’s, and stayed out way too late.  I didn’t make it back to my house until three o’clock in the morning, and I was very wobbly on my feet.  I took a cab home, trudged through several feet of snow to get to my front door, and stepped inside.  I expected to be greeted by a nice, warm house and the sound of my furnace running.  Instead, my house was completely silent and freezing cold.  I fiddled with the thermostat and checked the air filter, but I had no idea how to repair the heating system.  I had a lot of trouble just finding the number for my HVAC contractor in my contacts, and when I got ahold of someone, they had trouble understanding me.  They finally assured me that an HVAC technician was on the way.  By the time the HVAC technician showed up, I was dressed in my pajamas and passed out under a blanket.  He had to call my phone to wake me up, so that I could let him inside.  While he worked on the furnace, I threw up repeatedly in the toilet.  Thank goodness it only took him a little over an hour to get the furnace running properly again.   I don’t really remember him finishing the job and leaving.  Once the heat started flowing, there was no way I could stay awake any longer.  I woke up in the morning totally hung over but with a perfectly warm and cozy house.

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