I want my air cleaner

My younger sisters like pets more than I do. During the last couple of years, they have brought home two dogs, three cats and kittens, a turtle, a white rat, several hamsters, a parakeet, and a goat.  The goat wasn’t bad, I liked him. Also, I could deal with every one of these pets except for the nasty cats. I cannot stand cats. First of all, cats are creepy. The first cat they had taken home would climb onto our countertops and lick butter straight from the butter dish. Secondly, cats have got litter boxes. Litter boxes, no matter how often they are cleansed, are disgusting. They smell and stink in the entire house. I was extremely happy each time my parents finally decided to reduce the number of cats. Even as animals themselves are gone, the house still smelled like cats. We wanted to air out the property, turn the thermostat way down so the air conditioner ran full blast, and replace our air filters. The oxygen purification process lasted some time, but finally, after our poor air conditioning unit was forced to do this for almost five days directly, the house stopped smelling so much like a cat. The process was absolutely miserable, and I really hope that my sisters learned their lesson. Even if they didn’t, my parents have. No new pet would make me want to go through all that hassle. I do not even need to know how expensive the electricity bill for the month will be! We will need to be really careful with air conditioning use for all of those other year to make up and get rid of it.

air cleaner 

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