Fallen tree and more heating

A week ago, a hurricane came by way of our area and blew over several trees. One of the trees that it knocked down was a large old oak tree at my house. My husband and I experienced considered having that tree cut down on several occasions because of how close it was eventually to our house, but there were never gotten around to that. The hurricane, though, took care of all the work for us. Thankfully, the tree do not fall on our house, just a small portion of our wall. The next day, my husband and I shut off with a chainsaw to get the tree cleaned up. We did not want to waste most of the wood, so I suggested that him and i give it to my parents for a fireplace. My parents do not employ good central heating at their property, so they rely only slightly on a gas furnace, some space heating units, and a wood-burning fireplace. Dad absolutely loves to use his fireplace. It is very aged, and truth be told, the chimney really needs to be cleaned, but it still heats your home fairly well. Unfortunately, firewood are usually expensive, so the fireplace sometimes goes weeks without having to be used in the winter. My spouse and I were able to chop up so much wood that it would last my parents for a long time. I am glad that that tree is finally gone which it did not do any trouble for our house, but I am even more glad that we had the ability to put it to good make use of. My parents will be so willing to use that fireplace this winter season!

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