Internship and running HVAC

This last year, I got my first internship being employed by a small publishing house. Yearly, they hold a fiction fight, and they get submissions from all country wide. My job was to review each submission, and place it into a category of “good, ” “bad, ” or even “maybe. ” As a section of my internship requirements, I also had to write short evaluations for each and every submission, too. I loved examining all the short stories and novels, because there was never a dull moment. Every day, I headed over to this publishing house and sat inside of a small office, reading and typing all day. As much as I enjoyed my internship, it was sometimes difficult to sit on the job for so long. The office was located in an old building, and although the air conditioning was always sprinting, it never seemed to get on high enough. After about eleven minutes or so of working I usually found themselves feeling overheated. Now that I know a few things about HVAC systems, I do believe that the problem was while using the air vents. My allergies had been always irritated, and I ended up coughing and sneezing many times. The ductwork inside the constructing probably hadn’t been cleaned in quite a long time, meaning that the air grills were letting dust and dirt flow through the room. That also might had been why the air conditioning didn’t ever seem to be strong enough, as the cold air could have been blocked from debris in your ductwork! I learned quite a great deal about the publishing process by way of that internship, but I also learned how important it can be to have clean, reliable HVAC equipment.

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