No heat and the holidays

Year after year, I divide my time between my mother and my father around Christmas time. They separated some three years ago, so spending time with both of them can be difficult. I’ve started spending Christmas Eve with my father, and then I go onto my mother’s house on Christmas Day. My father and I usually stay up late and watch several movies, relaxing on the recliner. My mother and I are busy all day, making cookies and visiting members of our family. I like that Christmas Eve with my father is so low-key, especially since it gives me an opportunity to prepare for a hectic schedule with my mom the next day. Last year, my Christmas Eve with my dad was anything but low-key. I walked towards find my father scrambling around together with his tools, trying to open in the furnace. The furnace had finished working, and his house was incredibly chilly. After trying to fix it for a bit, I suggested that maybe the matter was with the thermostat, rather than the furnace. My father immediately journeyed upstairs and took the thermostat a part, too! I tried to allow, but without any real HVAC knowledge, neither of us could find out why the furnace wasn’t doing work. The house was getting colder from the minute, and the only thing left to undertake was to call for an emergency HVAC repair. Thankfully, the HVAC technician surely could arrive within the hour, even on Christmas Eve! As it had been found, the furnace was fine, but the thermostat would have to be replaced. Once the thermostat was replaced, the house was nice and warm and we’re able to start our tradition of relaxing by way of the television all night!

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