Storm does not change cooling

Preparing for a hurricane there are plenty of things you need to make sure you think about. Some of the things you need to consider are your location. You’ll want to follow the local weather to find what the forecast is to your location. You also need to check for evacuation guidelines for your area. You need non-perishable food and loads of water. You also need to decide if you be comfortable in your home if you ever lose power. Loss of power means a certain decrease of air conditioning or heating. For quite a few people, like the elderly, small children and the people that are with illnesses need climate control. Lack of air conditioning can cause people to get heat stroke and make them feel poorly. If you need air conditioning badly it’s best to probably choose to evacuate prior to when a hurricane gets too tight. When you evacuate you may get a nice room in a hotel and now have good air conditioning throughout the storm and the aftermath. You should make sure you can get in contact with a neighbor or someone to enable them to let you know when your power and air conditioner returns to your home. When you have air conditioning again it is possible to return home. I personally stay home at the time of most hurricanes because I do not need air conditioning too much. I completely realise why some people choose to leave and find a place with AC. Plainly know for certain a hurricane is going to be bad enough that the power might possibly be out for a long while I’d personally leave home and find a location with air conditioning. Being overly warm without air conditioning for weeks may be as miserable as the hurricane itself.


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