Working on old home with HVAC

My husband to be and I are moving into a large home once occupied by his deceased great grandmother. His great grandmother was an antiques collector, and she still has a multitude of random furniture items, knick knacks, fine art, and utensils at the home. The house itself has not been updated in a few decades, so it needs brand-new tile, new paint, a lot of landscaping, a new master shower, and various other small issues. I am less particular around things than my fiance, who has a much longer list of improvements that he wants to make. One thing that I actually was a bit worried about was the condition of the HVAC unit. I do like my environment to get cool and my air to become crisp and clean. I concerned that, with the shabby state on the town, we would have to replace the HVAC unit too. I finally remembered to bring this up to my fiance, and we immediately went to the site the house to check this HVAC unit out. The house had always smelled musty, but we were not sure whether this is due to dirty air filters or the quantity of old objects in the house, or whether there was any form of issues with the ductwork. To our surprise, the HVAC unit at that old house was innovative, and from the looks with things, was a wonderful machine! We looked up the make and type of the HVAC unit, and that had great reviews. The air filters were not changed in quite a while, so we did go ahead and replace those, but apart from that, the HVAC unit seems to remain one thing we can give up worrying about!

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