I’ve been struggling with allergies

Concerning a dependent who is very much allergic to everything. She is always coming down with some kind of rash or dealing with itchy eyes in addition to a stuffy nose. She has for ages been this way, from the day she was created. When April rolls around year after year, she really has a tricky time breathing and she is afflicted with appalling headaches. Not long back, we decided she should drive to the allergy doctor and see if she may find out exactly what she can be allergic to and what she is capable of to ease her suffering somewhat. It turns out she is allergic to a great many things. Mascara and foundation are actually terrible for her. She is allergic to all or any of the blooming plants in our area and also to oak trees. She breaks out from nickel and can’t wear any jewelry. The doctor really didn’t offer many ideas besides taking antihistamines, except for one thing. He suggested that my little girl get an air purification system, run the central HVAC although it isn’t hot outside, and also get the ductwork regularly cleaned. At first, I really did not reckon that the air conditioning suggestions were travelling to help all that much, they also actually have. We got the air ducts professionally cleaned and it also really helps reduce the allergens in the house. She also set up a contract with the HVAC company to come provide heating and cooling service calls to help keep good air quality. These suggestions really have seemed to help with her allergic reactions and she is much more happy.

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