Zoning my room to keep an even temperature

That zone controlled air conditioning and heating are probably not practical for all buildings. For example, most houses and places from business survive just fine free of zone control. I do think that some places would definitely make use of it though. For example, it would be very useful for a university or college dormitory. In a typical college dormitory, there is a huge variety of students from everywhere, and perhaps even all over the world. Each one is probably on a slightly different level for air conditioning and heating. One from the north is able to handle lower temperatures better than those in the south. Those from the south are able to handle higher temperatures than those within the north. An HVAC system with zone control will allow each room to have a thermostat, therefore giving the occupants control over the temperature in that room. Needless to say, there would still be a lot of issues. Someone who prefers cold temperatures may very well be rooming with someone who adores warm temperatures, and there undoubtedly are a bunch of other scenarios. At the very least, though, control of the thermostat would be up to the actual inhabitants of the bedroom, not a dorm supervisor. I’ve had to stay in a dorm before that did not have zone control. The dorm manager had odd working hours, so was hardly ever available to adjust the thermostat, even if everyone in the dorm had been uncomfortable. Zone control will not be perfect, but perfection is giving each student his own room or ┬áher own thermostat, and that is simply not practical.air-filter

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