Air filter tips

I make my home in a little townhouse that I got from a super nice owner. He is not really a landlord. He is a regular person who decided to rent his house instead of trading it when he himself moved towards a grander place. He is quite relaxed about things such as allowing me to paint if I wish to, which is really exceptional you might say. But in another way, my organization is jealous of my friend who lives in the apartment complex. She seems to enjoy everything done for her. She does not have to take care of the yard at all. Someone comes and covers that. She does not have even to change her air conditioning clean. Every month, an HVAC company sends out and about the air conditioning service technician and she goes toward all the apartments in the building and exchanges air filters. I suppose the management company thinks it’s worth the funds it costs to experience a HVAC service plan. They are probably afraid that if they didn’t possess an HVAC maintenance agreement, the renters would not change the air filters plus the air conditioning systems would break straight down. In my home, I really need to get the ladder out all the time and climb up it to change the air filter. I still find it not great, but I still practice it because it is just what I said I would do. Also, I don’t wish the air conditioner to break. Just maybe I enjoy living where I do, but it would be great to achieve heating and cooling service guy come change my air filter for me.

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