A/C all year

I need movies in my life. There is something about planning to go to a movie theater and watching a brand new motion picture that just gets me going. When I was a child, my friends and I would always drive at the theater every Friday or Saturday night. We would go out to eat at a nearby mexican restaurant that was right next to the flicks, and then we would go watch whatever movie there was to be shown. Sometimes there would be a grouping of 15 or more of us, which was always a blast. I would always save my allowance making sure that I could afford dinner and a movie every weekend with my pals. The only thing that really annoyed me regarding the movie theater was that it was always frigid inside. No matter what the temperature was in the parking lot, I was never comfortable temperature wise while inside the theater. They had to have had their air conditioning on all day! I often wondered how much money they spent per month on their air conditioning needs. Also, if it was snowing out in the open, the temperature inside was still not even remotely warm! During the summer months, I would always bring a jacket inside with me at night, even if it was 90 degrees in the neighborhood. In the cold weather, I don’t remember ever removing my jacket when we sat as group to enjoy the movie. I never found out why they always kept this place so cold, but the HVAC unit had to have been working all day, every day.

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