HVAC and the severe weather

Some months can be wonderful, and I never, ever complain about the weather. I love when that takes place. Then, there are other times, where I often complain every day. This year it feels like I spent an awful amount of time complaining about the ridiculous heat and rain. Usually, I love the summer, but this year we had so much rain, that I never had to water the yard or garden. The rain has also made the normally hot summer seem excessively hot because of the humidity.  Now I’m complaining concerning weather, because we have a hurricane coming. It’s bound to bring in more rain and wind than we are used to. They say to be ready to lose power for a few days or possibly even a week if it’s bad enough. Losing power stinks because the food goes bad inside the refrigerator, plus the lights don’t work, and there is no internet or TV. The worst of the problems without electricity, is that the air conditioner doesn’t work now. Mother nature is still heating the outside like a frying pan, and it can get uncomfortably hot. The heat, when combined with the superior humidity, is downright awful!. I always long for the air conditioner in the aftermath of a summer storm. The air conditioner produces a nice coolness you really enjoy after all that trash clean up. We clear fallen trees and limbs, and rid the yard of other debris. Sorry to say, I do not know anyone with a large enough generator to run their entire HVAC system, along with the home. commercial-hvac