I want a warm home

Most folks really enjoy fuzzy and fluffy things. It seems like a sanctioned trait, inherent to people. There is some sort of comfort taken from it. Perhaps it truly is an ancient survival instinct to like furs, to always keep warm, and gain comfort in that feeling. Whatever that pleasantness is that people receive from fuzzy things, my brain somehow lacks that trait. In fact, I am repulsed by the softness. When I was younger my parents thought I ended up being a difficult person or just wanted to be different. However, I can say my repulsion to fuzziness can be described as a real thing. All of my dresses are starched, stiff, and rough. When I built my house many moons ago, the climate control system was necessary, because every floor is made of wood. Not having any carpet, heating was so important. I happen to live in a colder climate, so keeping the home warm, with a furnace of great efficiency is a real must. The way my house is laid out, it lent itself well to a hydronic heating system, where hot water is pushed through pipes within the floorboards. Many other HVAC configurations could have done the trick, but I thought that one was most convenient. Air conditioning on the flipside isn’t as crucial in my position. My house has excellent tree-cover, and so the indoor air quality during summer months is automatically cool and soothing. I have engaged the A/C maybe 3 or 4 times total since I have have moved into the place. This was on very warm days when climate control was a must.

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