Central air conditioning in the classroom

Test taking has always made me really nervous. Every time I had to take a standardized test in grade school I’d personally freak out for days at a time, worried I would forget most of the information once I picked up my pencil to start the test. Unfortunately I haven’t found one way to shake this fear, and it still affects me as a twenty-something college student. Normally I just have to upload essays for my major online, which I can do at home and don’t freak out about at all. I was expecting exactly the same for this semester but to my dismay, one of my classes has several exams scheduled throughout the entire semester. The first two exams went okay since I studied for days before hand, got a good night’s sleep, and had a filling breakfast on the day of the test. I did the same during the day of the third test, the difference for this exam was that air conditioner had broken in the building where my classroom is located. It was at the end in the spring semester, so things had really started to heat up outside and the classroom felt like an over. I could barely pay attention or keep myself calm, much less concentrate on the test. I was a sweaty mess and began guessing random answers in order to get done with the exam and leave the building at once. I didn’t do well to the test, but I think for certain I will do much better next time should the air conditioning in the college is fixed.

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