Take care of that unit!

Fall is upon us,  meaning winter is about to rear its ugly head. The fall season has me preparing my house for the cold season ahead. I am mulching my herb beds, cleaning up my garden to ready it for spring, and readying my pipes for any freezing weather. There are so many things to tend to, in order to prepare the home for the coldest months of the year. One of the many important activities during the autumn, is having the HVAC service team come out, and do a tune-up on the heating and cooling system. We have a contract with our local HVAC service. They come two times per year to perform scheduled maintenance. They have a number of things they do each time. They start with visual checks of all of the major components of the system. They check the air filters, with the UV light to look for leaks and tears. They clean the HVAC unit inside and outside. They check the wiring and the ductwork also. The last thing they do, is run the heat and the air conditioner, to make sure they are both blowing hot or chilly air. The best thing about making use of this regular service, is the assurance I get knowing if they are any minor problems, they get caught right away. Occasionally, when the technician is inspecting our heating and cooling system, they find a problem with the unit. These problems have always ended up being minor things. If these issues had gone unnoticed they may have caused major problems during the winter. Thankfully, fixing minor issues is usually relatively inexpensive.

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