I need to make a new workspace

Recently, I decided to turn my garage into a little workshop for myself. I have always enjoyed doing various jobs, especially when it comes to woodworking. Over the past few years, I have definitely built a sizeable collection of various tools, especially since my projects are gradually becoming bigger. For me, the perfect day is spent hammering and sawing in my garage, and I love finding new projects to work on as well. Converting my garage into a great workshop meant that I had to do a lot of changes. I tore down the old shelving, and installed a few metal shelves and pegs so that I can store and hang my resources. I also decided to purchase a heating unit for my garage, so that I can keep working through the entire winter. I never considered putting a heating unit in there before, but now that I have such a big space to work in, I would like to still be capable of use it, even when a temperatures get chilly. Instead of plugging up a few space heaters, I decided for a new ductless mini split system. Not only is this type of heating unit very energy efficient, but it was also easy to install. The HVAC technician can install the ductless mini split system by a few hours, so I didn’t have to worrying about rescheduling any of my projects. The best part is that I now have air conditioning during the summer, too. Now that I have a ductless mini split HVAC system around my garage, I am really looking towards being able to spend a longer time doing what I love!

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