Finally getting out of bed

Of all of the seasons, winter is the one that I struggle with more. I love waking up in the summer when the sun is usually beaming through my windows, or inside the fall when the leaves tend to be vibrant with color, or spring when flowers are in bloom. Although, in the winter, I stay miserable. I don’t want to get out of bed at all, and when I am chilly and tired I never want to go out. My house is great because I have a new HVAC system that enables me to control the temperatures of the thermostat wherever I am. When I am in bed, I can go to my smart thermostat using a phone and change the heat. It is the most amazing HVAC system anyone may have created. As much as I love being able to adjust my temperature settings while using the touch of a button, my family is more lazy because of this. I find myself falling asleep turning on my heating system rather than getting up for the day and turning it on as I get ready. Since I was loving the concept of staying in my cozy base, I decided it might be good to get heated flooring as well to verify I am warm and comfortable while I do decide to get free from my bed. With heated floors, I won’t feel as chilled when I get free from bed in the cold morning. Sorry to say but my partner and I can’t help that technology has advanced so well that which I am no longer required to get out of bed to adjust my warm settings.