Heating the water

Six months ago, my hot water heater malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. I called up a local plumbing contractor and hired him to undertake the job. He replaced our old water heater with a completely new tank-style heater. It worked really well for a couple months. We had a plentiful flow of clean, hot water. Gradually the smell and cleanliness within the water began to go downhill. It started to smell strongly from rotten eggs, and it has been slightly gray. We could not stand to consume it, wash along with it, or brush our teeth while using disgusting water. The water would turn our bathtub a disgusting orange color along with sink looked gross as perfectly. I started to worry about the state of my family’s skin and teeth. Would the liquid stain my teeth? How will my hair be affected? I worried that the mineral water would additionally turn my hair orange very similar to the tub. I needed the problem solved and I had figure out the cause of it. I wasn’t sure the fact that was causing the problem, so I finally called the plumber once again. He had to come back up to my house and consider the inside of the hot water heater. I was worried about about precisely how much the plumbing repair would be. The plumber was able to care for it quite easily however. As it happens it was only an issue within the anode rod in the domestic hot water tank. The rod was the thing that was causing the stinky water.

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