I can’t believe I fell asleep

I’ve been employed as a retail manager for the past four years, and while I like managing  people, I hate working in a corporate atmosphere. No matter what business you work for, retail stores tend to have an abundance of rules, and their sales targets are unreasonable. It is impossible to make district supervisors happy, and that’s the most frustrating part about being a store manager. Recently, I have been trying to find a position that I can use my journalism degree. Last Tuesday, I had an interview at the local newspaper, and I was pretty excited. It was difficult to fall asleep the night before my interview, and I even woke up early to ensure I would be well prepared. I arrived at my appointment fifteen minutes early, and waited inside the foyer. The heater was on full blast, because it’s was unusually warm in there! There were air vents all around me, forcing out hot air. The thermostat was set so high that I felt suffocated by the air. I was already sleepy from not falling asleep the night prior, and the warm air made me feel even more sleepy. I must have dozed off in the chair, because the next thing I knew, the secretary was checking on me. I couldn’t believe that I had actually fallen asleep. I was so distracted during my interview that I couldn’t respond to anything correctly. If there was air conditioning instead of heating, I would have been able to stay awake! It looks like I may be stuck working in retail stores for a long time.

air conditioner