I worry about heatlh complications

Have you or someone you love suffered from hayfever or allergies? They are becoming more common as time goes on. Back when I was a youngster, it seemed as though only the really nerdy children needed to take allergy medicine. Nowadays a lot of kids have to take medicine for allergy symptoms. This is particularly true when kids want to be outdoors playing or at recess and sometimes during physical education classes at school.  Outside after-school activities can also cause difficulty. It has been proven that air conditioning will help to control allergy symptoms. Air conditioning actually does two things, it cools the air plus it removes humidity. Some folks aren’t aware that removing humidity from the air is so important, especially down here in the south. We have an abundance of moisture in our air, so that adds to the oppressive nature of the heat. Because the air conditioner helps remove that moisture, it also helps stop stop the likelihood of getting mold or mildew inside the house. Mold spores and mildew particles make it very difficult to breathe. Everyone will have a reaction to mold or mildew, allergies or not. That is one benefit of air conditioning and why it’s so important. It’s terrifying to experience the sensation that you can’t breathe, so it’s beneficial to always make your environment healthy. Our new HVAC system is  very efficient at minimizing the allergens in my house. I’m not really sure why so many people have allergy symptoms these days, but I am extremely glad that my air conditioning unit improves the air quality so that it decreases the allergy symptoms for people in my house.

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