The best cooling systems

For at least ten years, I have had a portable air conditioning unit that provides relief from the summer heat and humidity. This has worked out fairly well, because the summer is normally pretty brief around here, so I never really considered investing in a permanent air conditioning unit. This summer, however, I had several issues with my air conditioner. Normally I bring it out of the garage and place it into the window with a minimal amount of issues. It is a crazy heavy unit, but thankfully, I don’t have that far to carry it, and it only needs to be done a couple times on a yearly basis. This year, though, I dropped the air conditioner right on my foot when I picked it up! I haven’t felt pain like that in several years! I was able to pick it backup, and then I limped back into the house. Once I placed it into the window and plugged it in, the AC unit wouldn’t even turn on. I believe that I might have broken something inside when I dropped it, since there was absolutely no response. The AC unit is really old, and I’m not really sure it’s worth paying for the HVAC repair. Recently, especially after dropping the air conditioner on my foot, I’m really done with that unit! I’ve been considering installing central air conditioning instead. I would have central heating and cooling, plus I wouldn’t have any worry about dragging that heavy air conditioner out every summer. Without doubt, I wouldn’t need to be concerned with injuring myself!

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