I lack the proper unit

My sister happens to be traveling in France and will be there for about two weeks. The trip took loads of planning but she and her fiance were extremely excited to get over there and start their adventure. Early on in the planning process, they decided that they did not want to stay at the typical hotel during their particular travels. They really wanted to try and stay in some interesting places that were going to give them a look at the culture more than the standard lodging options some have. So, they decided to take a gander at Airbnb. After doing one or two searches, they discovered that there was a long list of lodging options, and they ended up in exceptionally beautiful places. They were so excited that they went and booked all of their lodging for the whole trip. Fast forward: They got to their first Airbnb. It’s in the same way beautiful as the pictures made it out to be, however, the posting mentioned nothing about having no heating and cooling in the facility. It was very cool after dusk, and pretty warm still in daytime. The lack of heating and cooling would definitely be an issue. So, they contacted the proprietor to see if he had anything else that had temperature control capabilities. The proprietor was a very nice man and allowed them to move into a room which had heating and cooling! That next day they enjoyed great air conditioning and after dark they were cozy and warm with heating. Thankfully they were able to change their rooms and were more at ease!

heating unit