We must change the thermostat setting

I never thought we would say this, but my boyfriend and I actually found the one thing that we can’t agree at. We normally get along perfectly, and hardly ever argue, but now all we can talk about is the thermostat functions! I never realized how different our temperature preferences were right up until we finally moved in together. Even then, I didn’t think that the thermostat settings would be a big deal, but we are definitely arguing much more than most people usually do. The problem is the cold. I would prefer to achieve the thermostat settings at a excessively high temperature. My boyfriend gets overheated very simply, and likes to keep the thermostat settings much lower. I could be in bed shivering and freezing, and he’ll definitely be throwing the covers off because he is so hot! The other issue is which my boyfriend would rather save a small amount of money than use the HVAC system. In terms of me, I am perfectly comfortable with spending a tiny amount of extra money each month if it signifies I can sleep with warm air from the furnace! We’ve will try in the future to a compromise on thermostat adjustments, but there doesn’t seem anything that really works. It’s simpler to dress warm during cold temperatures, so I have been wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants around the house. I even bought a couple extra blankets thus to pile those on me at nighttime! I really have to say, I would have never expected to argue a lot over temperature control. Hopefully one day we can proceed to a warmer climate where it won’t be so chilly all of the time!