I wish this air conditioner was clean

My hubby loves ice cream, he just loves it. There’s an ice cream place in my hometown where they make their own ice cream. I’m convinced it’s the most delicious ice cream I will ever have in my whole life. I hadn’t taken my husband there, so this last trip there I made the effort to take him. Whenever we went there, my husband was so energized he couldn’t decide what flavor he wanted. I made sure I knew what I wanted before getting there simply because I remembered how cold they keep it on the inside! After about 10 minutes, My husband and i were both shivering. They must have had their air conditioning on full blast, and their freezers probably weren’t helping. I guess it’s typical for any ice cream place to be cool, considering they are selling ice cream. However, I sense that their use of air conditioning was quite a bit excessive! My husband conversely, loved the cool air conditioning and asked the employees to turn their thermostat down more. Luckily, not long after complaining, he decided on his ice cream flavor and paid so we could make our way outside. I don’t know how some of those employees work in that intense air conditioning the entire day! Some of them don’t wear sweatshirts or pants. I guess they probably get quite used to the air conditioning after constantly dealing with it. Now, I never step foot into an ice cream place without first by ensuring I have a sweatshirt just in case!residential-comfort