Taking advantages of the HVAC products

My significant other is very earth friendly, and eco knowledgeable. He has his degree from college in bioengineering, and he is focused on discovering ways to save money on our energy bills and consumption. When he moved in, he installed solar power panels on my home, and planted a little vegetable garden near the courtyard. We make our own meals from homegrown food, and provide our own energy. He doesn’t like my boiler heating system that I had installed in my dwelling, and really wants us to switch to a geothermal heat pump unit. One of the nicest things about the geothermal heat pump, is that it uses the natural heat that’s put off from the Earth’s crust. Since the ground absorbs much of the heat we receive with the sun, it stays trapped inside Earth’s crust. This makes the ground underneath our feet, always warmer energy, than the air higher than the crust. Since the weather varies from season to season, so does the outdoor air temps, which makes forced air systems have to work harder to control the backyard air temperature. With a geothermal heat up pump, you can use heat from the earth to warm your household. Geothermal heat pumps also aid to save consumers about 400% on costs than forced air unit users. With all the benefits we can exploit, I’m finding it difficult to conjure up a good reason for not switching to a geothermal heat pump system. At this moment, we just have to find the right company to help us while using the installation. Hopefully we can get it installed before the winter begins.