A great HVAC system

I haven’t worked at lots of places, mainly fast food places and one law firm. The law firm is at a smaller building so it got cold really fast. I hated working there for the simple fact that regardless of the weather outside the office I was always cold while I was at work. The front room, where I was, was basically all windows so generally if the AC wasn’t on then the idea got really warm really fast. My boss always made sure that the AC was on so that everyone could be comfortable but I tend to get colder faster than people so I was always wicked cold. I had to take to wearing long sleeves although it was in the nities outside. I would ask them if they could turn the AC down but they wouldn’t because I was the only person that was cold. I remember eventually the AC broke, and all it could blow was hot air. They had the repairman come out and view it that day and all that needed to be done was the freon needed to be filled up and then they turned the AC on full blast again. I liked the procedure I did with them, but I hated how chilly or hot it would get in the office since it was such a small building and had so a lot of windows. I can remember thinking that they needed to ensure that they kept up the maintenance relating to the HVAC unit. The whole time I ended up being there they only had someone come out the one time that the application broke.

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