I can’t stop battling the weather

I live with a roommate in a beautiful townhouse, but the nights here are ridiculous. Non-efficient ¬†and constantly disagreeing concerning what the temperature within our place should be. He loves it extremely warm, for all of the time period. Because we live in the South plus the weather here is usually warm almost anytime, I like to run this air conditioner instead, to keep a humidity down. During the working day it’s ok, because I can leave or make ¬†cooler air in my car, if it gets too stuffy inside, but at night I can not sleep in that hot dwelling. Because our thermostat is on the bottom floor, where my roommate’s bedroom is furthermore, he has his way with the heat. I bought a portable air conditioner to help me upstairs when I realized the battle for a wonderful night’s sleep. I have the different vents shut off upstairs, and so the heat doesn’t overtake my little portable a/c during the night time. So the central HVAC unit runs downstairs forever and my a/c unit carries on upstairs too. The two temps meet in the stairwell, but because heat springs up, my unit is working extra hard to cool the environment down for me. Our electricity bill is ridiculous, but it can be totally worth all the increased energy my air conditioner is taking, if it means I can sleep enough during the nighttime that I can get up for work the following day. I think it is beyond a decent time for either my roommate or myself to get another place to live, or someone who shares the identical ideas on what the proper room temperature should be.furnace-filter