I just want to cool down

My body is really sensitive to very high or very low temperatures. When I get too cold or hot my chronic disorder flares up. Unfortunately, this happens pretty often. When I get too hot or cold, I will start to feel nauseated and even light headed. In the past I have even collapsed because of the effect that extreme temperatures can have on me. Last winter, my hubby, son, and I went traveling and it was pretty cold outside. We stopped one day and went to get a hike. It had been pretty mild and very sunny that morning and so the temperature was not terribly low. When we got outside the wind eventually kicked up and I quickly became freezing in addition to feeling bad. The only thing to do was to get me indoors fast where there was a heater. My husband quickly brought me back to the car and turned on the heat. He blasted the heater for what would normally be too high, wanting to warm me up before I got too sick. My son kept complaining of the fact that heater was too hot, but nevertheless it was helping me feel better so my man kept the heat running. I finally was beginning to feel better thanks to the car heater. By the time we got back to the hotel I only had a slight feeling of nausea and dizziness, but I felt very weak. The hotel room was luckily at a great temperature. My husband got me into bed so that I could rest and recover being in the heated room. I am so grateful for modern heaters that are in cars and buildings. Without them my heat and cold sensitivities might possibly be unbearable.indoor-air-quality