I love how this HVAC equipment works

I have to work on air conditioners when I grow older. My whole family operates on air conditioners. My grandfather has fixed air conditioners, and my uncles and dad all work in similar fields. They seem to come back to our property satisfied after helping someone resolve their equipment and I’ve heard many stories within our circle about the families they’ve saved and the comfort they provided through the years. They seem to me to behave like blue collar heroes. Sometimes I think they’re hilarious, after they brag on their heating and air conditioning repair skills or when they jump up in the middle of the night because a catastrophe call has come through. Emergency calls are really good money in the HVAC niche. They were recently contracted to fit top-of-the-line HVACs in our local emergency room. These units are high industrial HVAC equipment and are created to withstand extreme weather conditions. I tagged along while they install these machines and was fascinated with what I saw. That’s when I knew I wanted to do this type of work in the HVAC field for myself. I start school to analyze heating and air conditioning in the Spring. I hope I can learn how to wire and install all the various components that one must learn to be in this career field. I know technology has really taken off concerning what an HVAC unit can do these days, but I propose to study hard and be the most effective heating and air conditioning technician that our family’s ever seen.

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