The hotel has a good cooling system

I’m waiting here outside of the motel room the band and I have for tonight. I’m unable to sleep, you see. I haven’t been sleeping well for some weeks now. Erin’s mad at us because some guy grabbed his girl and I didn’t do anything to stop him, mainly because there was nothing I could truthfully do. If I would have seen the guy actually do what he said he did, I would have hit him. I don’t like stuff like that and I’m not keen on being blamed for something I  certainly didn’t do. So now I just sit out here trying to work this all out. The air is wonderful though. A cool breeze is blowing, cooling me off. Chuck has taken control of the thermostat and I can’t say as I can blame him. Everyone would like to see the thermostat set at a unique temperature. One night, Jay Mo kept turning the air conditioning down even to the point that it reached its lowest setting. Once, Rob and Jay Mo almost got it on because Jay Mo needed air conditioning while Rob just wanted the heat on. It was fun to watch them. Right now, Chuck has the thermostat set on the warm side. I like it when it’s warm, but this evening I can make do without air conditioning. The night is cool by itself. I can hear the sounds of the night: Bugs, cars, air conditioning units humming. You don’t really notice day to day conveniences like heating and air conditioning until you have to go without them for a while. My father was an HVAC technician and sometimes he would do emergency repairs in the winter months. People were so happy when they’d have their furnaces working again. I’ve relied on just blankets and space heaters on more than one occasion. Sometimes I’d have just space heaters. Sometimes I’d have no blankets. Tonight isn’t one of those nights fortunately. I guess I’ll turn in now as tomorrow will come early.

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