An old heating system

When ever my parents first bought their current place of residence, they had a whole list of renovations that must be made to make it comfortable. The house was nearly 100 years old and during all that time, there had been various owners who had made  renovations as they saw fit. My parents knocked down a couple walls upstairs to generate room for a hallway and two new rooms. They also completely renovated this upstairs bathroom, tearing away the many old fixtures and installing brand-new tile, countertops, and sinks. They also took down a few more walls downstairs to make a greater kitchen area and a more spacious T.V. room. My parents spent an avalanche of money on hiring contractors for all the work, but the most expensive renovation originated in needing a new HVAC system. The old house operated on a forced air system, using ductwork to transfer warm air from the furnace. Of course, not only was the ductwork old and falling apart, but consequently so was the furnace! The furnace was so old that it was barely responding to our thermostat inputs, and repairing it would have cost far more money than it was well worth. Thus, my parents hired an HVAC contractor to thoroughly renovate the entire HVAC system all throughout the house. This included purchasing and installing cutting edge ductwork, air vents, and a furnace. My father also made sure that they signed up for regular maintenance through that  HVAC provider, so that the brand new furnace and ductwork could be well maintained. Even though I understand it was expensive, that furnace was an ideal investment for them. It lasted throughout my entire childhood, and I always recall being warm and comfortable around every winter.

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