I don’t want to fail

From the time I can remember, my father does the work of an HVAC technician. I didn’t realize how hard his job is while i was a kid, but being an adult, I know that he put forth a bunch of effort and long hours each day and week. Still, he’s always enjoyed working away at heating and cooling units, and I’ve for no reason heard him complain about it at work. One of my earliest childhood memories involves my father standing on top of a ladder in the living room, unscrewing the air vents to clean them out and inspect the ductwork. The great thing about having an HVAC technician as a dad was that my mother never was required to call for repair or maintenance on the heating and cooling units. As soon as our our air conditioner or the furnace started showing signs of going out, my dad would get his toolbox out and start at work. He was always capable enough to repair our HVAC units, regardless of what happened. I can also remember my dad being on call for HVAC service during even the major holidays, because his company provided emergency repair service. One time, he got an emergency service request for a furnace repair right part way through our Christmas dinner! Most people could be annoyed or frustrated about working on Christmas Day, but my father never complained about holiday services. He always said that it was subsequently worth it to cut this dinner a little short.  He said it was very important that someone else had a comfortable, warm house. As an HVAC technician, my father has always been dedicated and passionate about this job, and I try to keep the same attitude about any job I’ve had.thermostat