I’m loving this cooling unit

I’m concentrating on a Master’s in Accounting because I need steady employment for the rest of my career.  The world will always need CPA’s, and I’m pretty good at it. I’m committed to saving cash, so I’m sharing a place with four other guys. None of my roommates would be considered ‘tidy. ’ I’m not a monk, though, so when I’m seeing someone, she’s not usually too pleased about the state of the house and doesn’t want to sleep over. It’s a little burdensome to pack an overnight bag and leave early for class when I want some female interaction. I guess what the girls like least about our place is that we have no central air conditioning. One of my roommates has a window A/C unit, but I make him pay extra toward the power bill for it. I’m willing to sweat rather than shell out the extra cash for the cool air. My grandparents did just fine with no AC, why can’t I? However, most of the girls I date don’t agree with me about climate control, in addition to staying over at their houses, I get frostbite from their HVAC systems. I usually pack flannel bottoms and a sweatshirt to sleep in the arctic blast coming from their air vents. I guess I’m pretty much accustomed to the heat since I don’t use air conditioning. I never adjust anybody else’s thermostat, but I’m regularly tempted. They wouldn’t notice an added degree or two on the temperature control panel, and it would even save them a couple bucks on their power costs.