Installing the radiant heater

This coming year, my husband promised me we would update several things in our house. We are getting new carpeting and countertops in addition to a new heating and cooling system. I am not one to be picky with a lot of these things, but since he has given me the option, I am taking the time to pick the best styles and brands for my house. With his help, I have finally narrowed my choices down. One thing I am certainly about, however, is installing hot flooring. I have heard that it is the most amazing thing in the world and once you get it, you can’t live without it. I researched a ton of HVAC providers that install this heating system, and based on reviews, I have found the organization to do it for me, or so I thought. When I booked the appointment to have the heated flooring installed, the company sounded like they knew everything about the system and could easily do the installation. However, when the HVAC technicians came to my house to install every thing, they were horrible. The first technician walked everywhere on my new carpets with his dirty boots and didn’t even offer to take them off. After getting halfway through installing the heated floors at my bathroom, they told me that this would be the only room in the house they may do. Originally, we had agreed on installing heated flooring in the different bathrooms and the kitchen section. After a long argument with the HVAC representative on the telephone, I decided to cancel my entire order to see a different company. So much for banking on good HVAC company reviews.

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