Plumbing tips

The people I was with and I use harsh water which means our water source is taken from the ground. The water is usually full of deposits and is gross. It stains my tub layer, corrodes my faucets and ruins our skin. The hard water also can not be clogged by any water softeners or water cleaning products. It ruins all nice things in the plumbing world. Well recently my hard water managed to stop our warm water. I was completing dishes and I noticed that there was a horrible stink, like eggs.Every time I went to use the water the odor that went through the air. It was so awful that I could not stand to scrub my dishes. I also did not want to wash in that gross stink either. My family has had this happen once before and I knew what I had to do to resolve the issue. The issue is that the hot water tank has a piece named an anode rod. The rod is what stores the minerals and tiring things in my hard water. It is essentially a tool that is used to wash water. Well my water is so exhausting that the anode rod catches so many minerals and clogs up. Then the water gets dirty and has a smell like eggs. I did not need to call a plumber or a plumbing company. My hubby has torn out so numerous anode rods that she knew what to do, but next every one of us had to pour bleach down our pipes to scrub it out. It took days for us to be able to have normal water again.