Really fancy heat pumps

It seems like my oil furnace is on the fritz. It will turn on easily fiddle with the thermostat, but once it turns off it won’t turn back on again. Last night I woke in the cold of the night as the furnace would not fire up. I guess I’ll have to have my HVAC provider come out and see it. I’ve been thinking about getting a new HVAC system. The guy across the street has a friend who’s inside the HVAC business and said that he can get me a deal on a new central heating and air conditioning system. I want one along with the bells and whistles, like a bright thermostat and zone control. If I wipe out my oil furnace, I can remove the oil tank with my basement and that will free up a lot of room for me. I guess I would need to run it out of lube first, though, so maybe I still require my oil furnace to be fixed so I can use it long enough to remove most of the oil from it. I want to be able to get one of the fancy heat pumps like my neighbor has. You see, I just enjoy the furnace in the winter time as i use window air conditioners in summer months months. I think my utility bills will be lower if I obtain a new HVAC system. I won’t be able to load up on heating oil to fuel my oil air conditioner anymore. I guess I could put my air conditioners on the internet. I don’t think I would get much money for all of them, but any little bit would help defray the money necessary a new HVAC system. Maybe the cost savings on using a new HVAC system would defray the expense of the new system.

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