Replacing the heater

We just bought our first home. We had been living in a small but comfortable apartment the past five years, and had been saving as money for a home. Our search began about 8 weeks ago. We really weren’t fast, and wanted to take our time to be positive that we found the perfect site.There were so many homes available to buy, but we had narrowed our search to a specific area that we thought could be the right place to settle and raise a family. This week, the most beautiful home came up, and our realtor took us to see it. She told us that going barefoot would not last long, and that if we were interested, provide make an offer right separate. Both my husband and I immediately felt interested in the place, but it was a bit beyond our budget. We decided to do a low offer and see what would happen. We had found out via a home inspection that the home was need a new HVAC system. There was no idea of how much an HVAC system would price, but we did our research and contacted a few HVAC companies to obtain a quote. Then, we went to the homeowners, and made a different offer. They could have that HVAC system replaced, or we would deduct the money from the sale price. Fortunately, they approved lower the price, and we’d have the HVAC system put in ourselves. I was happy knowing that we could then purchase the sort of system we wanted and make use of HVAC company of our selection.hvac-unit