Southern weather and air conditioner

After years of thinking about moving, my husband and I eventually got enough money saved up to leave our hometown. Since we both work at home, we can easily work from anywhere in the country, which made the move easier. We got rid of a huge amount of our things, packed our house up in a big truck, and moved down south. Of course, the moving costs were much higher than we anticipated. We decided to spend our first year in a smaller apartment so that we could build our savings back up and study the area before investing in a house. We didn’t plan on staying in our apartment for any longer, but I think we might just renew the lease, because this apartment is wonderful! It came with brand new appliances, and a new state of the art HVAC system. Our apartment has central heating and cooling, and that’s completely new for us. Neither of us have ever had central air conditioning, since we grew up in this particularly chilly area. Now that i am in the south, having air conditioning is totally crucial. Even after a couple of weeks, I can’t imagine ever being without air conditioning again! Although our apartment is small, our electric bills are more affordable. All we have to do is make a few adjustments on the thermostat, and air conditioning starts pouring out of the air vents within seconds. As another advantage, our apartment complex schedules routine HVAC maintenance for us, so we never have to keep worrying about cleaning out the heating and cooling devices. My husband and I adore our new area, but we might love the central air conditioning more!

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