This is the kind of heater I need

During parts of my childhood, I was usually freezing. No matter what thermostat setting there was, I was always complaining regarding the cold temperature. I even had several pairs of jeans that had fleece in them! No matter how much extra clothes I had produced, winter was always really cold. As soon as it did start to get chilly, my parents would have to adjust the thermostat settings to make it warm enough for me. The furnace would kick on and begin to send heat throughout most of the house, and even then the furnace never kept the house heated, it never felt warm enough in any situation. There were many times where by I waited until my parents weren’t paying attention and changed the thermostat adjustments myself. Of course, it didn’t take long for my parents to figure this bit out, and I had to use part of my allowance to pay the heating and cooling bill monthly! After a few years of my complaining and wearing tons of layers around the house, my parents decided to have an HVAC technician inspect the air conditioning unit, just to make sure that it was working as efficiently as it can be. As it turned out, the HVAC technician found one or two ducts and air vents that were clogged from so much dirt and dust throughout the years. My parents hadn’t cleaned out the ductwork for years, and as a result, the warmth from the furnace was only getting through half of the air vents. After the ductwork along with the air vents were cleaned and dust released, my bedroom felt much better for me, and I didn’t need quite so many layers or blankets at any time. Cleaning the ductwork and vents definitely made much of my childhood way more comfortable!

ductwork cleaning