Water heaters and the way that works

The two of us use well water which that means that our water source is used from the ground. The water contains a whole mess of minerals plus is gross. It gets all over our tub surround, corrodes our fixtures plus ruins our body. The hard water also can not be stopped by any water softeners or water washing products. It ruins all nice things in the plumbing neighborhood. Well recently our hard water was able to ruin our sizzling water. I was doing my cleaning plus I noticed that there was an icky rotten egg stink, and every time I went to use the water the stink came through the air. It was so gross that I could not kneel to clean dishes. I also did not want to wash my hair in that gross stink either. My family has had this happen at one time plus I knew what I had to do to repair the issue. The issue is that the sizzling water tank has a section called an anode rod. The rod is what contains the minerals plus bad things in our hard water. It is essentially a piece of equipment that is used to wash out the water. Well our water is so terrible that the anode rod grabs so many minerals plus clogs up. Then the water gets dirtied plus stinks like eggs. I did not want to call a plumber or a plumbing provider. My partner has torn out so several anode rods that he knew what to do; Next we had to dump blench down our the equipment.