Wow it is hot in this room

I, like most humans, love to snooze. I like sleeping extra, and I like sleeping under a whole bunch of covers so I can be as cozy as I can be. Because I sleep a lot of time, I feel like a little kitten sometimes. And with how much I sleep, my roommate and family often compare me to a cat, and refer to these sleeping habits as “cat-like. ” If you ever wanted to know, domestic cats sleep at the least twelve hours a day, and that’s completely normal for your cat, if you have one. Even very active cats who wish to hunt and play with common toys sleep this much. Granted, I don’t sleep as much as a real cat, or my life may be completely destroyed, but I like imagining I share a trait or two with the cute feline. One thing I detest, though, is when the room in my home I’m sleeping in is overly hot. I feel like I’m already familiar with the sun enough. So when my air conditioning doesn’t do its job properly, I get all sweaty together and my sleep gets interrupted by my discomfort consistently. I like the room I’m sleeping inside to be cold, so I need my air conditioner to become a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, I feel like I need to call an HVAC technician to come look at my system given it doesn’t always function properly. Where by I live, it is not ever too cold outside. So, luckily, during these fall and wintertime months, I can open my windows if my a/c unit is simply not functioning properly and be as comfortable as possible, thanks to the cool night air. One thing is for sure, I need my sleep and I have to figure out some way to set this problem right.

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