Why is there no A/C?

Once I graduated from high school and moved out of our home, my parents took the opportunity to make some renovations. They repainted all the walls in the house, including the porch. My bedroom became a workplace for my father, and he installed built in bookshelves and put his old records in that room. It’s strange to see each of the changes, but at the same time, I’m happy that my parents have been able to finally start making the improvements they are wanting to do. They even installed an updated HVAC system, which I had been asking for since I was little! When I was growing up, we never had air conditioning. Alternatively, we used several box fans, and my parents explained that I should simply open my window if it felt too hot in my room. I always wanted air conditioning, especially for the reason that summer can get really hot in our city. My parents always said they can didn’t need air conditioning, and they can could get along comfortably without it. Imagine my surprise to come home after college and walked to a house filled with air conditioning! Not only did they install air conditioning, but they also purchased a fresh thermostat, too. Part of me was a little annoyed, because they had explained for so many years they didn’t need air conditioning. Still, as they are getting older, they deserve to stay comfortable during the summertime. Seeing that they finally have air conditioning, I’m sure they’re wondering how they managed without it!

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I don’t want to deal with my roommate anymore

Having a roommate has been really enjoyable. You will have someone to talk to and they can do things like go out to the movies or to restaurants. My roommate is also one of my best mates, so it is a wonderful living situation. We both get turns washing dishes and doing chores around the apartment, and we love binging on popular television shows together. We have almost all of the same friends, so it’s always simple to have people over to hang out. While my roommate has a great deal of redeeming qualities, the only frustrating thing about her is that she is continually adjusting the thermostat. The HVAC system within our apartment is pretty outdated, the program doesn’t always respond well to thermostat changes. The air conditioner needs a little extra time to chill the apartment down, and the furnace only responds to severely high thermostat settings. Since the heating and cooling units have lost their particular efficiency, our electric bills will get really high if we aren’t wary of how we use the thermostat. Lately, the heating and cooling bills have gone through the roof, and I know it is because my roommate is changing the thermostat when I’m not there. I’ve tried so many times to explain to her how it’s preferable to have mild thermostat settings, in lieu of extremely high or low temperatures. I’ve also tried to impress upon her how outdated this HVAC system is, and how we should be careful about not putting a lot of hardship on the heating and cooling items. As great as my roommate is, trying to come to compromise on thermostat settings is usually difficult!

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I want to remove all of these bad smells

Most recently, I have been trying to train myself how to cook. When I was a teen, I was never keen on cooking, so I didn’t really learn how to do it. My parents would once order food a lot, and my mother was rarely cooking big meals for us. As an adult, I tend to eat out commonly with local restaurants, but that can be really expensive. Groceries certainly will be expensive too, but they are still more inexpensive than dining at restaurants always! Last week, I attempted at making salmon at home, but I used way too  much olive oil and have been burning the pan. Not only did the house smell like fish, but this also smelled like burnt oil! That smell lasted for days, which made me plan to avoid cooking altogether. I have been thinking about purchasing an environment purification unit, so that I won’t have to worry about lingering cooking odors. As I learn to prepare food, I’m sure that I will present tons of other mishaps, and an air purifier takes all the cooking odors out of your air and keeps your kitchen smelling fresh, no matter just what you cook or burn. An air purification unit may also improve the indoor air quality inside the house, which would also be a superb benefit. I want my home to be as healthy as possible, and having great indoor air quality is a huge part of this. With an air purifier, we can confidently continue learning how to cook, and not have to care about ruining my indoor air quality with bad odors!

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Some tips for your HVAC unit

My loved ones absolutely love camping, and we make an attempt to go every summer. Luckily, we rent a great cabin instead of making everyone sleep in tents every night! If we stayed in tents, I definitely wouldn’t go along, since I’m already not really a camping person. I have to admit that the cabin is really lovely. These have a fully furnished living location, with a television and many movies to watch if the next thunderstorm is too bad to go out or kayak. The kitchen has all the appliances that you could ever need, and there are tons of beds in all places. It’s similar to a normal house, except it doesn’t have any type of HVAC units. Most people wouldn’t worry about having air conditioning or heating in a woodsy cabin, but I am definitely not some people! Even with all the extra amenities in the cottage, I still get very aggravated from not having air conditioning. During summer months days, the heat and humidity is extremely bad that sometimes I don’t even care to go outside! I have always been a pain when it comes to camping, and I try really hard not to complain. I recognize that my family wants me have fun in camping more, so this 12 months, I’ve decided that I’m going to bring along a portable air conditioner. I’ve got one in our house that can fit right within the window, and I can easily put it into my bedroom at that cabin. At least I could have some relief from the air conditioning, and possibly I’ll learn to not be a great whiner about camping!


Air conditioning and what it means

My boyfriend and I recently left for a fun-filled weekend among friends. A big group of us will stay in a lake cabin, and we’ll spend a few days relaxing on the water, drinking cocktails, and cooking on the barbeque. It’s quite a long drive for us, since we live about 12 hours away, but spending time with friends is valued. Before we left much of our apartment, we made sure to unplug our appliances so that we weren’t throwing away any energy. We didn’t know which you do with the air conditioner, nevertheless. Usually, when we are home, the central air conditioning is always running. Obviously we couldn’t prevent the air conditioner from turning on while we had been gone, since that would simply make our electric bill remarkably high! I suggested that we turn off the thermostat altogether, but my boyfriend had to get some advice from an HVAC professional. He found a neighborhood heating and cooling company and gave them a call to ask about the best thermostat setting to use when a homeowner is on vacation. The technician told us we should keep the thermostat at approximately 75 degrees, rather than shut it off entirely. This meant that the fundamental air conditioning would only be jogging for short cycles and not using a bunch of energy. Additionally, when we get home, the air conditioning won’t have to work too hard to obtain back to regular thermostat options. After getting advice from this HVAC technician, my boyfriend and I feel even better about taking vacations and possibly not coming home to high heating and cooling expenditures!

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I don’t like being cold

When my sister moved abroad she moved to the northeastern USA. There, she experienced extremely cold weather for the first time. She also lived in and around cold weather for the first time, which was plenty fun for my sibling, and a great change involving snow. She also had to learn how to drive on those cold, soaked roads. Beyond that, she learned the way in which extremely cold weather may be dangerous. Where we grew up, the elements around us were the exact opposite extreme, and it never snowed. For the first year that she lived in that cold weather, she did don’t have a thick coat. She had a thin jacket that’s barely suitable for a 50-degree environment, much less temperatures under unusually cold like where she lives now. My mom begged my sister to be getting a bigger coat, and even a co-worker of my sister’s was shocked from how little warm clothing my sister owned. When my sister goes home, she and my brother-in-law crank the heater within the cold months and start a fire in every fireplace. I love visiting these individuals and sitting by their fireplaces, consume a cup of hot cocoa, and additionally read. The fireplaces actually emit enough heat avoiding needing the heater quite often, and the great part is that where they live, they are allowed to chop down trees in the market for free and use them as kindling within the fireplace. They sure do save big money on electricity, though they accomplish paying a handsome home owner’s association fee. I think my sister prefers the use of the fireplace over the heating unit, so she is glad that this lady has one. I’m just glad I am able to visit her and play in the snow, and use her fire pit!temperature-control

I’m just trying to be comfortable

From what I can remember my friends and family have always thrown very boisterous  parties. I have a remarkably large family, so it seems natural we have large parties, or at a minimum, they seem big. My dad has nine siblings, and they each have one or more child, and now my cousins are starting to have children as well. We have parties for birthdays, holidays, sporting events, or just because! Last weekend, we had an event to watch a basketball game within my uncle’s house. There were no less than twenty of my family members there, and the home we were at was far from large enough for everyone. My aunt had to compensate for every bit of the extra body heat, and cranked the air conditioner far more than is normal. She was right to achieve the extra cold, though, because some of her guests, including my mom had been very warm and began to sweat inside. I, however, was very cold. I hadn’t slept in day, what seemed like weeks, and had absolutely no energy. I was so cold, I just wanted to stay a room with a furnace unit on, but there was virtually no escape, especially because it was even colder outside than it was inside! I tried to get my father to let me go out to the car just so I could warm up a little bit, but he refused to provide me his keys. Nevertheless, I survived the cold temperatures without a heater or sweater for a little while, but eventually I got some comfort on the couch when I got a blanket my aunt gave to me. She was very kind in my experience, and even though she didn’t change the heater, she did help me get comfortable and even get some sleep.

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Wow it is hot in this room

I, like most humans, love to snooze. I like sleeping extra, and I like sleeping under a whole bunch of covers so I can be as cozy as I can be. Because I sleep a lot of time, I feel like a little kitten sometimes. And with how much I sleep, my roommate and family often compare me to a cat, and refer to these sleeping habits as “cat-like. ” If you ever wanted to know, domestic cats sleep at the least twelve hours a day, and that’s completely normal for your cat, if you have one. Even very active cats who wish to hunt and play with common toys sleep this much. Granted, I don’t sleep as much as a real cat, or my life may be completely destroyed, but I like imagining I share a trait or two with the cute feline. One thing I detest, though, is when the room in my home I’m sleeping in is overly hot. I feel like I’m already familiar with the sun enough. So when my air conditioning doesn’t do its job properly, I get all sweaty together and my sleep gets interrupted by my discomfort consistently. I like the room I’m sleeping inside to be cold, so I need my air conditioner to become a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, I feel like I need to call an HVAC technician to come look at my system given it doesn’t always function properly. Where by I live, it is not ever too cold outside. So, luckily, during these fall and wintertime months, I can open my windows if my a/c unit is simply not functioning properly and be as comfortable as possible, thanks to the cool night air. One thing is for sure, I need my sleep and I have to figure out some way to set this problem right.

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I’m glad the heating and cooling works right

Dancing with my friends at clubs has always been my favorite weekend activity. It is not only fun to get all dressed up and go out, but it can also be a great workout! There are tons of different clubs in my location, and there’s always new music to discover and enjoy. The clubs get much more crowded during the summer, though, and a plethora of them have introduced outdoor dance floors. Since summer temperatures can be hot and humid, each club has got air conditioning everywhere, even in their outdoor areas! I love having air conditioning in each area, because it can get really stuffy with more and more avid dancers moving around. Lately, I have been to loads of dance clubs where the air conditioning is not nearly strong enough, and everyone is hot and sweaty the entire time. Having a reliable HVAC system is usually important in a club, since the indoor air quality may well decrease with so many people and too much humidity. Keeping the air conditioning on a steady level makes it less difficult for people to relax and have fun, especially when they’re dancing all night in tight spaces. I never knew that air conditioning units may be placed outside until recently, and my favorite dance clubs are things that have cooling units both inside their houses and outdoors. It makes it a lot easier to spend time outside without worrying about the intense heat and humidity. Clubs that have reliable, efficient cooling units make weekends so much easier and enjoyable, and my friends relieve some stress in the weekends!

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This is the kind of heater I need

During parts of my childhood, I was usually freezing. No matter what thermostat setting there was, I was always complaining regarding the cold temperature. I even had several pairs of jeans that had fleece in them! No matter how much extra clothes I had produced, winter was always really cold. As soon as it did start to get chilly, my parents would have to adjust the thermostat settings to make it warm enough for me. The furnace would kick on and begin to send heat throughout most of the house, and even then the furnace never kept the house heated, it never felt warm enough in any situation. There were many times where by I waited until my parents weren’t paying attention and changed the thermostat adjustments myself. Of course, it didn’t take long for my parents to figure this bit out, and I had to use part of my allowance to pay the heating and cooling bill monthly! After a few years of my complaining and wearing tons of layers around the house, my parents decided to have an HVAC technician inspect the air conditioning unit, just to make sure that it was working as efficiently as it can be. As it turned out, the HVAC technician found one or two ducts and air vents that were clogged from so much dirt and dust throughout the years. My parents hadn’t cleaned out the ductwork for years, and as a result, the warmth from the furnace was only getting through half of the air vents. After the ductwork along with the air vents were cleaned and dust released, my bedroom felt much better for me, and I didn’t need quite so many layers or blankets at any time. Cleaning the ductwork and vents definitely made much of my childhood way more comfortable!

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