I’m glad we have a gas furnace

I purchased a new car last week. It’s a bright, shiny brand-new, red SUV. I love it. I looked around at vehicles for a month or so, before I decided to buy this one. It has everything you could want in an automobile. It has an awesome sound system, which I believe is better than the one in my home. It also has a system that will warns you when another car or truck is alongside you. It has heated and air conditioned seats. That will come in handy during the heat of the summer. Leather seats get really hot. The other day, I was driving to the supermarket, and I noticed that this air conditioner had stopped working. It was subsequently a rather warm day, and I wasn’t real happy about having no cool air. I went back to the dealer, told them with the problem, and they checked that out. After about an hour, they told me that there seems to be a problem with a sensor, and that it was all fixed. I drove home with the air conditioner blasting, and all was right with the world. Two days later, exactly the same thing happened. I was so mad. I went back to that dealer again, and explained the situation. I’m thinking that I might have bought a lemon. I sure hope not. They fixed the air conditioner again. I think this time they replaced the sensor. Regardless, it seems to be working fine now. I have my fingers crossed that it’s going to be ok from here on out.

gas heating system