I’ve had too many problems

It is the middle of winter and your furnace is not working. What should you do? If you have a forced air heating system, the furnace or heat pump will be the heart of it. These types of furnaces are usually reliable, but they also can break down. It is important to know how to repair it when something goes wrong. With a little working experience and proper guidance, you are able to fix several furnace issues by yourself. First of all, vacuum the area around the blower every year. If you can, slide out the fan unit, and thoroughly clean and vacuum it. If you suspect a gas leak, look after it immediately. If the air odor is strong, immediately evacuate your property and leave the door open. Turn off the gas valve, then call your utility company. If your furnace is older, it probably has a pilot light. If the light will not stay lit, the pilot orifice could possibly be clogged. You should be able to clear it with a thin little bit of wire, but before you make it happen, turn off the gas to your furnace. Also, shut off the switch that controls the electricity to the furnace. If the furnace is supplying some heat, but not enough, be sure nothing is blocking the flow of air. Make sure that your thermostat is set properly. Ensure the registers are open. Clean or replace  the air filter. A dirty filter will reduce your unit’s efficiency. By troubleshooting and doing all of your own repairs, you will save money and get your home heated up much more quickly than if you had to schedule and wait for a HVAC repair person.

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