We know we have to clean this heater

Looking at furnace options, there are many different types of energy sources you can use. You can utilize a heating system run by electric power, gas or oil. Which is better to use? A lot of people use gas heating systems. A gas heater seems like the most ideal thing to use, but there are flaws with it. For one, a gas heater is harder to install. It uses a flue and there are some gas hookups that must be set up by an HVAC business. Also a gas furnace has to be maintained regularly. If a gas furnace is dirty or simply damaged, parts will break on it. Expensive parts such as the heating exchanger can crack. A cracked heat exchanger will then release a small amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a particular odorless, tasteless and undetectable type of gas. The gas then will pollute your indoor air quality and can affect your wellness. Carbon monoxide poisoning leads to sickness and in the end hospitalization. With an electric heater, you won’t get this poisonous air. Also an electric furnace offers an easier installation process. In addition, it uses 100% of the energy that is expended. Gas or oil burns up in the combustion process, so it does not use all of the gas and oil that is in it. All of the electricity is utilized to heat your home. However the downside with electric heating is that it is way more expensive to have and use. Also if your electricity goes out, you have no heating system to count on. So what kind of heater is best for you and your your home? What source will work best?

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