I think we should turn the A/C on

When my daughter was only eight years old, my husband got very sick. It all began with a few little pains in his lower abdomen. The pain would come and go and one day he went to the doctor to have it looked at. The doctor said there didn’t seem to be anything wrong and suggested my husband take Metamucil. Well, at about midnight three days later, my husband woke up screaming in agony and doubled over in pain. I called the ambulance and it turned out that he had a ruptured colon as a result of acute diverticulitis. Basically, the contents of his colon were leaking out into his body cavity. He had a terrible systemic infection and was running a high fever. No matter what we did, he continued to complain about being hot. The air conditioner in his hospital room was turned on full blast. He was in the ICU, and in that department, each patient has their own split system air conditioner. The thermostat was under our control, and we could set the thermostat to any temperature we wanted. As low as the thermostat setting would go was 58 degrees. That is what we set it on. It was like a refrigerator in there. The nurses had to keep bringing me blankets that went through their blanket heater. If I tried to set the air conditioner to a little higher temperature, he would moan and groan. He was delirious for a lot of the time, and the doctors said that cool temperatures inhibit bacteria growth so we were better off leaving the air conditioner running constantly if that’s what he wanted.

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Why do they keep the HVAC settings so low

I wish I never had to visit to the doctor’s office. I know that I should feel blessed to reside in a country that provides pretty good health care that is available to almost everyone, but nonetheless, I simply do not like frequenting the physician. First of all, it always costs me too much money. I have a pretty high deductible on my medical insurance. Second of all, the doctor is constantly behind, which means an extensive wait sitting around doing nothing. Most frustrating of all is the fact that it is always freezing cold inside there. You have to wait always, and you have to suffer through never-ending air conditioning. No matter where you sit inside the waiting room, the air vent is blowing cold air down on you. I am always so tempted to change the thermostat setting, but my doctor has this little plastic box that fits on the thermostat and makes it impossible to turn it. The nurses and workers in the office always have long-sleeved shirts on under their scrubs, too. After that, when you get to that tiny exam room, there is surely no means of avoiding the air conditioning, and half the time, you are only wearing a little paper gown. Talk about air conditioning nightmares! I guess the reason they maintain HVAC settings so low is to hold bacteria from growing and flourishing, and I am sure that makes really good sense. I just wish that while I had been forced to wait so much time, I could have a reasonable temperature set to the darned thermostat.heater repair

Reading the thermostat for settings

Before my husband and I had children, we went out to dinner, to the cinema, to the beach, to the clubs, whenever we felt like it. We didn’t give it another thought. Well, all that changed when we got blessed with children. Spontaneity is impossible when kids join the family. If parents want to have some time to themselves, they should be make appointment time for it, arrange a babysitter, perhaps save some money, make sure the fridge is stocked for the sitter, and so on. We used to schedule a Saturday date night monthly, and we usually went out somewhere nice to eat. I remember one night we got all dressed up and headed out to the newest restaurant in town. It looked beautiful as we entered the front door but soon we started to notice how hot it had been inside. I concluded that the HVAC system could not be working properly. air conditioning is pretty important while you’re running a business, especially a good restaurant. People eat out just as much for the atmosphere as for your food, and the atmosphere is terrible if you’re sweating from lack of air conditioning. I begun to overhear the waiters talking about how precisely the thermostat temperature reading was getting higher and higher. I was really getting uncomfortable. Every time a waiter came out from the kitchen, a breeze of heat came out too. No air conditioning in the front of the diner and no air conditioning in a back corner, either, I guess. They did switch on ceiling fans, which helped almost, not.

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We know a cold front is on it’s way

When my sister and I were being raised, we would often be without much warmth in the winter. Our home was located at the base of a mountain range, and we lived on a small organic farm. We scarcely had a harsh winter, but just once in particular, we got an immense blizzard. I was about six years old, and my sister was on the way to ten. It was uncommonly cold for any winter season, and we ended up running the heater at full blast for 3 days. We were due to receive about 14 inches of snow, and the outdoor ground had been frozen like ice for days. My Mom tried to call my Pops at work to explain that the heat was not working appropriately. She couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone, possibly due to that impending storm. As the hours ticked on, the house became increasingly cold and chilly. My mother was frantically on the phone, trying to find a heating repair service that would come to the house at 7pm. When the heating repair service finally came along, the thermostat in the residence was reading 38 degrees, and we were able to see our breath steam up in the air. It was so cold indoors, and I was glad that the repair only took about something like 20 minutes. I don’t remember just what the problem was, but I remember my Mom being extremely happy that this wasn’t very expensive. My sister and I were very glad to get the heat working again, because it was freezing in their home, and we were about to go to bed.air conditioner service

Working hard and feeling great

My class and I had the most wonderful prom planned for senior year. Every detail was set in advance, right down to the band, the flowers, and the beautiful banquet hall. Our school board President is head of the local country club, and we were able to use their grand ballroom. The theme was to be an enchanted evening, and everything was prepared. My friends and I arrived early in the daytime, to put up decorations. When we got there, the air conditioner was barely cooling the hall. We hadn’t planned on a pool party theme for the dance, so air conditioning would be necessary. I contacted our sponsor with the school board, and she immediately contacted the club director. About fifteen minutes after, a staff member arrived to assess the situation. It was already very hot inside the building, and we were beginning to feel uneasy about our dance that night. It would be too late to get another venue for the event. One hour later, the maintenance staff appeared and informed us that air conditioner was indeed broken. I had hoped he could fix whatever problem the air conditioning equipment was having, but it will need to be replaced. We were assured that HVAC system would be working by the time the prom was to start at 5pm. I was worried the whole afternoon, but when we arrived on the scene, the air conditioner unit was working great, and everything was excellent. It’s one of the best memories which I have of my high school years.

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Winter and the fireplace

Back when I was a kid I loved my parents’ halloween festivities. The adults always looked like they were having a lot of fun, and I could truthfully not wait until I was old enough to join in on the festivities. The crackling of the wood in the fire, along with the giggling of everyone at their party, was fascinating to me. My mother would dress me up in great costumes, and send me out to do trick-or-treating with my friends. All I could ever think about, was the heat of the fireplace. I never liked trick-or-treating a whole lot, because it was always very cold. The candy was nice, but I never felt it was worth the nearly frostbitten hands and wrists. The part that I would like, was coming home to the beautifully warm, red brick fire pit. Being able to sit near the fireplace as a kid, and ditch my gloves, socks, and shoes, were all very nice memories of my childhood. Seeing that I am an adult, I now throw a halloween party on an annual basis, in the same fashion as my parents. We have our very own roaring fireplace and all. The winter months are my favorite time of year, for the very reason of all the great memories and togetherness, that is included with the cold weather. It warms my heart to see everyone having an enjoyable experience around the fireplace, just as my parents did when I was little. I hope the laughter continues to fill this home, as it has for so many years. That I enjoy the crackle of the wood burning fireplace.

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I think we all love the family cabin

My parents loves to go camping. I actually hate it. In my respectful opinion, “roughing it” would be keeping a three star hotel without any air conditioning or room service. Certainly, I could probably only live through one night without air conditioning. I would be ok if there had been a ceiling fan, but I’d be so much happier with a central air HVAC system. Yet, every year, my family begs to go camping and every year I give in. About 4 years ago, I put my foot down and insisted on finding a cabin instead of using the old tent, which by then was mostly duct tape. They agreed and we went for a campground with climate controlled cabins. I was in heaven. I could still see the atmosphere of camping and have family time, but I also got to have the cool comfort of a great AC window unit. This was wonderful up until last year. The cabin we have been in was fine, but over the first night of our three night stay, the window air conditioner died. I do not know enough about it to fix them, but I am sure they should not spark together with smoke. It was unusually hot that night, so after a couple minutes of discomfort, I went to sleep in the car. I did not care how much gas I wasted, I enjoyed the car’s air conditioner very much. The rest of the family was happy to dig out the old tent and sleep outside. The next morning, I had the campsite manager replace that window unit. I also went ahead and booked that cabin for our next three trips because I knew the air conditioner was innovative. Our family hike that day was into town with a gas can so that I could refill the car’s gas reservoir.

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working on my heating and air

In order to save money on home repair, it’s important to be allowed to maintain and service your A/C system and heating system yourself. There will be times when the problem is definitely not able to be fixed without without the intervention of a certified HVAC repair man. One of the most expensive units to interchange for your cooling system could be the condenser. There are a few ways of keep your A/C condenser working well, throughout the long, hot summer. It’s important to maintain a clean and clear area next to the A/C condenser. The unit attracts air from it’s sides, and then forces it out the top of the appliance. If any of these lines are restricted, then you have poor A/C air flow. We had to reroute our dryer vent, because it was blowing clothing lint on the air condenser every day. It’s extremely important to remember that anything that impedes venting, will cause your A/C to operate sluggishly. An improperly working A/C system can cost many hundreds dollars in repair bills, together with increase your monthly utility costs. With a few short and points, you can keep your A/C doing work in pristine condition. With your gadgets working in great condition, it’s easy to save money on heating, air conditioning, and expensive repairs. It’s recommended that you check your A/C condenser for dirt and debris no less than every other week. We have been completely checking the unit all summer long, and the A/C has been working better than you ever have.

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A unique problem

I’ve been up north, down south, and out west and there’s a huge difference in how each part of the country treats heating and cooling. Down south and out west, for example, takes air conditioning seriously. I never saw the place without air conditioning, because it’s consequently important. But up north, you’d be challenged to find places that offer air conditioning, because it’s not much of a necessity. However, having heating can be, and every place I’ve ever lived up north required heating in order to steer clear of pipes bursting or freezing and also to maintain your comfort levels. In each the part of country I’ve lived, I’ve also had something not work out with either my air conditioning and my heating. When I was down south, the air conditioning stopped in July, which was awful. HVAC techs would have to be specially trained to handle all sorts of cooling units, and they fixed my problem straightaway. Living up north, I once had my heating cease working in January, and my landlord needed an entirely new system put in immediately because if she allowed the problem to go it could have caused other harm to the pipes and vents. In that instance, the HVAC professional knew how to address the unique problem at once and provide a solution. No matter where you live, either heating or cooling is essential and there ought to be specially trained professionals to cope with both. You wouldn’t be able to get by without them because if something goes wrong with one’s own HVAC system, your level of comfort could be compromised. heater service

I know we need the home to be better

My spouse and I bought our first home a year and a half ago and so far, we’ve done a lot of work around the house. Our first project was sanding in addition to refinishing our back deck. After that, we installed new pillars concerning our front porch and recently pulled out our carpeting downstairs along with refinished the hardwood floors underneath to truly add beauty to our sitting and sunrooms. I’m planning to repaint our bedrooms next, that summer, we plan to take down our awning and build some roof over our deck. One of the other key projects I’d like to do soon is upgrade our heating system. The house was built in the 1920s so the heating system is really outdated. When we were refinishing the floors, I noticed that some of the baseboard heaters don’t even adjust like some of the others. I’m not sure if they’re rusted open or if perhaps someone painted them open. But I cannot adjust the vent to control the quantity of heat that goes into the rooms. Even though my husband and I quite like doing work around our home, anything that has to do with the heating system I will possibly not do myself because I don’t just want to mess something up. When we decide to start that project, I will be sure to consider calling our local HVAC company to return and assess our heating system. In that position, we’ll know that it’s being upgraded using a professional who knows what they’re doing and they can even provide us advice on make it better. HVAC home repair is just not something I trust myself to complete without a professional.

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