I never felt heated air like this

I loathe going into work right now. Not only is my boss a total jerk, but we just got a fresh hire so I have to deal with the headache of training somebody new, despite the fact that this is not part of my job description. I can show my boss my growing pile of tasks to achieve, as they just stare at me through the basket on my desk. Along with the personal stuff at job, I also have a huge issue while using the office building itself. The heating and cooling system within this place is completely worthless. I honestly do not even understand why all the employees pretend there’s a heating and cooling system at all anymore. It is not like the air conditioning ever turns on inside the summer season anymore. No, instead without any working air conditioning, we are forced to feel the cold drafts from the boss’s office each and every time he enters and exits his properly air conditioned portion of the building. Our cubes are left to suffer with the heat and humidity. Don’t even get me started about the heat in the wintertime. I bring a big blanket, a thick cardigan, and an extra sweater; not to mention the long underwear I had to start to wear under my pants suit. I feel like I will sue the place for inadequate heating! The furnace within this office building makes some horrific sounds, but that is the only reason any of us knows that it really exists. You’ll find you never actually feel any heat from this furnace. One day our issues within the HVAC system will be properly addressed, but until that point, I guess I will have to keep complaining about it.

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