My heating and cooling bill

My mother and I opened our personal business last year. Mom and I love our little shop! We sell handmade crafts and other local artwork in our creative store. My mother makes quite a few our products by hand, and I handle most our books.  We experienced a fairly productive year thus far, and I would venture to say that my mother and I are rather enjoying ourselves! We did have a slight problem earlier this winter season. We were forced to face the inadequacy in our HVAC system. Mom and I were at work in this particular little shop a few week ago when we noticed that our shop’s furnace did not appear to be heating effectively. We were both extremely fearful that we would not be able to hire someone to fix the heater. After all, we were just beginning as a business. Thankfully, my mother knows of a friend who works as a highly skilled heating and cooling technician. This HVAC technician my mother knows was able to come by our shop to assess our furnace troubles at zero cost to us. It turned out that the HVAC issue was a very simple one, and he fixed it immediately! We were grateful for his furnace expertise, so we eagerly gave him something special from our shop. I believe that my mother’s friend understood that for the new small business, a massive heating and cooling bill may have set us back significantly; when it occurred at the drastically wrong time, such a heating and cooling bill likely would have even ended our business pursuit. My mother and I will be keeping his number close at hand!

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