I just want a good plumber

When I purchased the first house, I had a very tiny limited budget.  My initial idea, was to find a house in a unbelievable spot with a good plot of yard.  I was not overly sad with the condition of the actual house.  I bought tons of acres of yard with a nice amount of pond, lots of trees, plus a gorgeous thing to see.  Unfortunately, the house was nearly a few hundred years old plus in need of major swaps.  The electric idea was downright dangerous, plus there was only 1 power outlet per room.  Most of the rooms had no overhead light going on.  All of the walls were crumbling down, there was no inner workings, plus most of the windows were set shut.  The biggest concern with the house was the plumbing unit.  The majority of the water plus drainage pipes were horribly ruined, plus I noticed there was a sign of water destruction on the ceilings plus walls.  Without even peering at the system, I knew I had a spill.  The spills were only the start.  The drains were icky, all of the sinks plus tubs were rusty, plus the faucets dripped.  I needed to without question gut the plumbing system, getting all of the supply plus drainage pipes switched, the water heater, tubs, sinks, plus toilets.  It was a much bigger project, created a lot of debris, plus cost myself and others a ton of cash.  I could not handle the switch ups on my own, plus I needed to hire a good plumber.  hot water tank