I remodeled my home and my plumbing

When I first got into my house, I had a super limited budget.  My first thing to do, was to find a apartment in a good spot with a good space of land.  I was not overly excited with the condition of the actual house.  I bought many acres of land with a nice pond, lots of bushes, plus a gorgeous view.  Then the apartment was nearly two hundred years seasoned plus in need of major remodeling job.  The electric system was downright an issue, plus there was only one power outlet per space.  Most of the spaces had no overhead lighting.  All of the walls were tumbling plaster, there was no insulation, plus most of the windows were sealed tight and shut.  The biggest issue with the apartment was the plumbing device.  The majority of the water plus drainage pipes were terribly corroded, plus I noticed symbols of water injure on the ceilings plus walls.  Without even looking at the system, I knew I had some spills.  The spills were only the beginning.  The drains were stopped up, all of the sinks plus tubs were rusted, plus the faucets dripped.  I needed to gut the plumbing system, swapping all of the supply plus drainage pipes, the water heater, tubs, sinks, plus toilets.  It was a large project, created a lot of mess, plus cost myself and others a ton of cash.  I could not handle the changes on my own, plus I needed to use a licensed plumber.  The plumber was absolutely the best.